Indiana - Indianapolis, IN Hotels

Indiana - Indianapolis, IN Hotels

Our selection of Indianapolis Hotels are ideally located within the key areas of the city.

Indianapolis prides itself on its rich cultural heritage. For much of its history, Indianapolis oriented itself around government and industry but today, Indianapolis has a much more diversified economy. Several initiatives have been made by the Indianapolis government in recent years to increase Indianapolis's appeal as a destination for arts and culture.

Popular local forms of entertainment include a number of great sports teams and events - including the Indiana Pacers (NBA), The Colts (NFL) and the Indianapolis 500 – and more conventional tourist attractions such as the Crown Hill Cemetery and the Indy Jazz Festival.

If you are visiting Indianapolis you may also be interested in checking out our Indiana Hotels if you are planning to visit other cities within the state. Our Indianapolis accommodation options are constantly being updated and expanded, you can find our current hotel deals for the area detailed below.

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