Channel Islands hotels

Channel Islands hotels

Charming but frequently stunning, the Channel Islands are Britain's very own French Connection. Just eight miles from the coast of Northern France, these islands have developed a unique culture and identity that combine the best of British and French. But it is the serenity and natural beauty which captivates visitors most of all. Take a look at our Channel Islands hotels and see for yourself.

Guernsey and Jersey are the two main islands, each with their own airport, but Alderney, Sark and Herm are where true isolation and wilderness can be found. All the islands are significant for the fact that they were the only parts of Britain which were occupied by the Nazis during World War Two. As a result there is so much fascinating history to explore from the period. The German Occupation Museum in Guernsey and the War Tunnels in Jersey are both worth visiting for the stories they bring to life. The islands are also littered with crumbling remnants from the occupation.

Jersey is broadly known as a tax haven but stay in one of our Jersey hotels and you'll soon see there is way more to it than clever accountants and expensive yachts. Like the other islands the seafood on offer is delicious and the Channel Islands crabs and lobsters will make your mouth water. The 600 year old Mont Orgueil Castle is a must-see attraction which helped keep French invasions at bay. Guernsey, on the other hand, is well known for its breed of cows which produce arguably the most incredible butter and milk in the world. Not recommended for those with high blood pressure though. From our Guernsey hotels enjoy the quaint beaches, ports and countryside walks.

Alderney, Sark and Herm are all much smaller in comparison but the scenery on all three is just as captivating. If you've ever imagined a world with no vehicles, head to Sark and if you thought Britain didn't have pristine white sand beaches, take a look at Herm.

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Channel Islands hotels
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