Dubai - Al Rifa Hotels

Dubai - Al Rifa Hotels

Dubai is no ordinary city, and its Al Rifa hotels open up the downtown area right before your eyes. A residential area within the Bur Dubai district, you barely have to go anywhere here to be entranced by this metropolis from the future. Everything here, from the gorgeous beaches and grand parks, to the spectacularly white Grand Mosque and endless corners of the Bastakia historical quarter, glows with a special atmosphere that shows why there is no other place in the world like Dubai.

If you make your way a few kilometres south along the coast you’ll reach Jumeira Open Beach, the first public beach in Dubai and still one of its best. It is a place designed for relaxation, whether that means just chilling on the sand and taking a dip in the sea, or keeping up the fitness with a jog on its long running track. Whatever you do, nothing beats taking a break here with the mesmerising skyline in the background and 24-hour shops offering refreshments around the clock.

To the east on the banks of Dubai Creek, is Creekside Park, an inner-city piece of pristine nature with modern twists that only Dubai can provide. It is not only a beautiful place to walk or jog, but also has a mini 18-hole golf course and a cable car that takes you on a fantastic elevated tour of the area, cutting along the edges of the park and over the water. Here’s a tip – take your loved one at sunset for extra romance!

Right next to Creekside you can enter the Bastikia Quarter and get transported into Dubai from decades past. It isn’t a very big area, but as soon as you turn a corner from the old Arabian buildings, modern Dubai disappears from view and all you have are pillars, archways and towers that seem have come straight out of an old film. Just like so many places in Dubai, Bastikia is even more beautiful at night when warm lights shine up at its walls.

If you’re worried about being far from good food or the famous Dubai shopping, don’t be! The locals keep a great selection of restaurants running in the area that have everything from Indian meals that will make food back home seem plain, or Japanese cuisine when you want something different. As for shopping, there is the Dubai Shopping Centre, which is small by this city’s standards but still a dream come true with hundreds of first-rate shops set within an amazing interior with intricate designs and lighting – even lampposts!

After you’re done with Al Rifa and Bur Dubai, there is so much more waiting in the downtown area. Just hop on the Dubai Metro and let the sheer size of the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) blow you away.

The thought of picking a Dubai hotel will seem scary at first, but you don’t have to be right in the middle of everything to get the best out of everything. Explore every corner of Dubai with our Al Rifa accommodation and get there in minutes after getting off your flight to Dubai.

Dubai - Al Rifa Hotels
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