The Stirling Highland Hotel - Puma Hotels Collection

The Stirling Highland Hotel - Puma Hotels Collection

Have your own epic break; The Stirling Highland Hotel is, by far, the most prestigious hotel in the city. It used to be the high school. You’ll be tucked up in the most luxurious en suite double dormitory you’ve ever seen, with the best school dinner you’ve ever tasted. On the gateway to the enchanting Scottish Highlands, you’ve chosen a great base from which to explore the area! The gateway to the Scottish Highlands • Located only 800 metres from the train station, next to Stirling Castle •.....

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Book DGR Advance Purchase B&B ₤140 SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold125 161 116 134 Sold
Book PRDB Advance Purchase B&B ₤140 SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold170 Sold152 188 143 161 161
Book Premium Double B&B ₤140 164 179 SoldSold159 189 189 189 Sold169 209 159 179 179
Book Premium Double Room Only ₤140 140 155 SoldSold135 165 165 165 Sold145 185 135 155 155
Book Standard Double B&B Room ₤140 SoldSoldSold299 129 SoldSoldSoldSold139 179 129 149 Sold
Book Standard Double Room Only ₤140 SoldSoldSold275 105 SoldSoldSoldSold115 155 105 125 Sold
Book Standard Twin Room B&B ₤140 134 149 SoldSold129 SoldSoldSoldSold139 Sold129 149 149
Book Standard Twin Room Only ₤140 110 125 SoldSold105 SoldSoldSoldSold115 Sold105 125 125
Book TGR Advance Purchase B&B ₤140 SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold125 Sold116 134 134


Spittal, Stirling FK8 1DU STIRLINGSHIRE United Kingdom

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The Stirling Highland Hotel - Puma Hotels Collection

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Stirling town and the surrounding areas have established themselves through centuries of great history - from the beheading of Mary Queen of Scots, to Braveheart William Wallace. Over 2.3 million visitors come to Stirling each year, many go to the oldest landmark in Stirling - the Castle which has records dating back possibly before the 12th Century. Here you can witness excellent re-enactments of historical battles as made famous by the film 'Braveheart' starring Mel Gibson. You can also take advantage of the magnificent views of Stirling and the Highlands.

Visit the Rob Roy & Trossachs Visitor Centre and learn more about this notorious highland outlaw, and his beautiful home ground in the highlands. To get the best views of the areas, take a trip to The Wallace Monument - a Victorian monument built as a mark of the nationalist movement in the 1850s