The Royal Pita Maha

The Royal Pita Maha

THE ROYAL PITA MAHA Blessed with a 12-hectare valley landscape descending down to where the Ayung River carves its way through the natural environment, Royal Pita Maha celebrates Bali’s heritage of art and culture. Build with rare sensitivity that pays homage to the spiritual ambience of the surroundings, the resort blends an assortment of aesthetically designed villas to ensure that every stay is an enriching experience.

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Book Royal Spa Villa US$750 Sold573 Sold573 573 SoldSoldSoldSold573 573 573 573 573
Book Royal Spa Villa - NR US$750 Sold487 Sold487 487 SoldSoldSoldSold487 487 487 487 487
Book Royal Pool Villa US$695 SoldSoldSoldSoldSold573 Sold573 SoldSoldSoldSold573 Sold
Book Royal Pool Villa - 15% US$694 SoldSoldSoldSoldSold487 Sold487 SoldSoldSoldSold487 Sold
Book Ayung Healing Villa US$605 557 637 637 637 637 637 637 637 SoldSoldSold637 637 637
Book Ayung Healing Villa - 15% US$604 474 541 541 541 541 541 541 541 SoldSoldSold541 541 541
Book Deluxe Pool Villa US$484 444 517 Sold517 517 SoldSoldSold517 SoldSoldSold517 517
Book Deluxe Pool Villa - 15% US$483 378 440 Sold440 440 SoldSoldSold440 SoldSoldSold440 440


Jl. Raya Kedewatan, Ubud 80571 BALI Indonesia, (2km from Ubud Centre)

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The Royal Pita Maha

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Relaxing by the Pool, Nurturing shower at Natural Holy Pool, In-house rafting at Lagoon Pool, Yoga and Meditation at The Royal Wellness & Healing Centre, Wood carving, Painting, dancing, gamelan or cooking class, tours, watching Balinese Dance at Ubud Palace every night, cheap shopping at Ubud Market, visiting local temples etc.