The Gangsa Private Villa

The Gangsa Private Villa

the gangsa by Kayumanis the gangsa is another exclusive haven of Kayumanis Private Villas, who pioneered the concept of exclusive, luxury vacation retreats in Bali and in China; and continues to raise the standard by which others are to follow. Each villa follows a contemporary décor with subtle Balinese touches designed by the same team that created the stylish look for the Kayumanis villa properties in Ubud, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran and Nanjing China. All villas property is located in the revered priestly village of Sanur where guests will discover the harmony of Balinese living.

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Book 3-BEDROOM VILLA 1 US$841 SoldSoldSoldSoldSold866 866 SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold866
Book 3-BEDROOM VILLA PROMO 1 US$841 SoldSoldSoldSoldSold709 709 SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold709
Book TWO BEDROOM VILLA 1 US$666 SoldSoldSoldSold672 SoldSoldSoldSoldSold672 672 SoldSold
Book TWO BEDROOM VILLA PROMO 1 US$666 SoldSoldSoldSold551 SoldSoldSoldSoldSold551 551 SoldSold
Book ONE BEDROOM VILLA 1 US$454 3500 466 Sold3500 3500 3500 466 4000 3500 3500 3500 3500 3500 466
Book ONE BEDROOM VILLA PROMO 1 US$454 3500 359 Sold3500 3500 3500 368 4000 3500 Sold3500 3500 3500 359
Book 1BedVilla Fam Getaway 3 US$453 SoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSoldSold359


No /28 Jl. Tirta Akasa Road, Sanur 80027 BALI Indonesia, (25 minutes from airport,Kuta or Seminyak. 5 minutes from Sanur beach)

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The Gangsa Private Villa

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To be arranged when arrive at the villa, and at extra charge
* Sunrise Indulgence - a morning visit to the house of Balinese priest and watching Barong Dance
* Magnificent Sunset & Kecak Dance show at Uluwatu Temple followed with seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach
* Sunrise breakfast on the Sanur beach
* Balinese Cooking lesson
* Twilight sensation - combination of an indulging spa treatment and cultural excursion to the inspiring cliff top temple of uluwatu on bali's southern
* Balinese traditional rice field tour
* Romantic candle light dinner
* Exotic bbq dinner
* Hideaway picnic lunch - enjoy a delightful picnic in a secluded and natural hideaway village near ubud where life seems to have stood still for the last 20 years.
* Beach picnic lunch - a picnic at our Beach Club
* Balinese costume personalized photograph

At guest leisure:
- Village cycling. Bycyle is provided on complimentary.
- Sanur dining and shopping delights. Car service is on complimentary
- visit Kuta and area nearby. Shuttle is provided on complimentary