Samut Songkram hotels

Samut Songkhram hotels

You know that floating market in Thailand you've heard so much about? The one with the canal teeming with overloaded boats guided by conical hat wearing women selling all manner of produce? It's on all the postcards? Well, the touts might advertise it in Bangkok but actually it's here, in Samut Songkhram and it's well worth a visit. Along with plenty of other highlights, Samut Songkhram is great for the more adventurous.

Damnoen Saduak is the name of the floating market and it's not located too far out of Samut Songkhram town. Get there early and prepare for a feast for the eyes and the stomach. Although the market itself is now a fairly well known tourist attraction, most visitors simply get driven in from Bangkok for the morning and then leave—stay around the town for a night or two and you will be rewarded. From our Samut Songkhram hotels you can explore the surrounds that aren't so well known. One of the most fascinating highlights near the town is Don Hoi Lot. At the mouth of the Mae Klong River is a huge expanse of mangrove forests and mudflats which can be travelled around by boat. This area is especially famous for the clams that can be fished there and as a result the seafood restaurants back at shore are delicious.

The town also has a number of temples worthy of your attention, although they are probably more popular among Thai tourists. Wat Phet Samut Worawihan in the centre of town houses a particularly well known Buddha image while on the way to Don Hoi Lot is Wat Satthatham which is decorated with eye-watering amounts of mother-of-pearl.

Take a look at our Samut Songkhram hotels and snap up a deal for this authentic slice of Thailand.

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Samut Songkhram hotels
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