Phuket - Phang Nga Hotels

Phuket - Phang Nga Hotels

A seaside province by the Andaman Sea, Phang Nga has two massive drawcards making it an amazing tourist destination. National parks both on land and sea give rise to spectacular natural beauty wherever you visit. Find a Phang Nga hotel and come experience it for yourself!

The outer islands of Phang Nga offer some of the best scuba diving in the world, and liveaboard trips are the most popular way to experience the full beauty of the islands, home to some of the most eye-catching and colourful soft corals in the world. There are two main locations, the Similan Islands group, typically offering 100ft visibility. The warm waters allow you to dive without a wetsuit, alongside a huge range of tropical fish, manta rays, turtles and other exotic animals. The Surin Islands are another superb location, even more remote and with frequent whale shark sightings in April. Both are must-see destinations on any itinerary to Phang Nga.

Canoeing in Phang Nga Bay gives you a first-hand look at the impressive limestone, rock and cave formations, as well the chance to navigate through thick mangrove forests. White water rafting at Ton Pariwat is fantastic, with different classes of rapids to get your heart pumping as fast as the water is churning. A half day trip usually includes elephant trekking and a hike to a secluded waterfall. Learn to make fishing nets at Koh Yao Noi, set your own fish traps and catch crabs. Don't miss the feeding beds (Kra-chang), floating underwater cages that act as a nursery for oysters, mussels, lobsters and several types of fish.

Nearby Khao Lak is a spectacular coastal park full of birds, native wildlife and amazing waterfalls. The pristine coastline is home to many upscale resorts, while rubber and palm plantations dot the coastal region. It's a great place to enjoy the calm waters and fantastic beaches before heading to the islands. Located 788km south of Bangkok, Phang Nga is a scuba diver's dream destination. The hotels and accommodation in Phang Nga range from quaint home stays to five-star resorts. Choose one for yourself along with a flight to Phuket and come experience the superb natural beauty on offer - you won't be disappointed!

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Phuket - Phang Nga Hotels
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