Phuket - Layan Beach Hotels

Phuket - Layan Beach Hotels

Layan Beach is one of the coolest beaches in Phuket. Undeniably gorgeous – with gleaming white sand, warm blue waters and even a small island adding to the view – Layan was once one of Phuket’s best secrets. Now it’s one of those rare places that‘s as picturesque as a postcard and allows you to both party or relax depending on the kind of holiday you’re after. It’s all up to you! The good news is that we have some great Layan Beach hotels that’ll put you right on the doorstep of this fabulous waterfront.

Layan Beach is still a bit of an unknown Phuket attraction, even though the area is seeing some cool development. One reason for this is because there is no clear separation between Layan and Bang Tao Beach to the south, which are perched along the same continuous stretch of sand. They have very different vibes too. Bang Tao has long been a playground for rich travellers and residents, and its Laguna Phuket complex is home to multiple resorts, golf courses and spas if you’re looking to indulge. As soon as you get into the Layan area though, the surroundings go from high-class to slow-paced very quickly. But it still has the same gorgeous beachfront

But back to Layan! Once you take a walk up and down this beach, you’ll be in love. Its wide sandbar is flanked by gorgeous blue sea on one side and a calm row of trees on the other (where there are no developments). At the northern end, there is a small hill that stretches out into the water. It is actually Kala Island (Koh Kala), which you can see is separated from the mainland by a small waterway that changes depth with the tide. This is a superb place to paddle around if you rent a sea kayak off the beach.

The waterway next to Kala Island connects to a river where fishermen and their families live in simple houses on stilts over the water with their boats tied up out front. You definitely don’t see this beautiful and peaceful spot on the postcards. The quietest and most natural part of the beach can be found if you continue after Kala Island. This small cove is surrounded by trees and crystal calm waters with an offshore view to die for.

For those gourmet connoisseurs,the Layan Beach restaurants serve brilliant fresh seafood right on the sand, and they’re also well-priced. If you’re looking for more options and want to spice things up a bit, once the tranquility gets too much, take the 25-minute drive to Patong Beach in the south, which offers a huge range of accommodation, activities, restaurants, bars and more.

With this amazing slice of untouched beach paradise on Phuket’s doorstep, don’t follow the crowd and get caught up in the chaos! Chill out where it’s serene and get a slice of sand to yourself. We’ve got just the Layan Beach accommodation you need for a relaxing beach getaway, and plenty of cheap flights to Phuket too!

Image Credit Layan Beach Phuket Under Creative Commons

Phuket - Layan Beach Hotels
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