Phuket - Ao Por Hotels

Phuket - Ao Por Hotels

Ao Por is in a secluded corner of Phuket and is pretty much the furthest you can get from the glitzy tourist centres and famous crowded beaches. What you get instead is access to some of the most stunning seascapes in the world. Even if you don’t stray far from your Ao Por accommodation, just look up the coast – the tree-covered limestone rock formations jutting out of the water makes for a beautiful holiday backdrop.

The lack of development means Ao Por is a haven for everything from luxury Phuket hotels to budget accommodation. It delivers something different to the experience Phuket is renowned for. The bay is home to Ao Por Pier and Phuket Grand Marina, your gateway to the offshore beauty of the area. It would be a crime to stay so close and miss the opportunity to go on an unforgettable cave kayaking tour.

Another highlight of staying in Ao Por is that you have easier access to some of the less well-known northern Phuket beaches including Nai Thon, Nai Yang and Mai Khao. They are home to humble seafood restaurants set in huts right on the beachfront, with reasonable prices despite catering to tourists. These are great places to sample authentic Thai cuisine with a view! The beaches are also quiet and good for walks along the sandy shores, particularly the long stretches of Mai Khao, which feels particularly remote and peaceful. That is, until commercial airliners roar overhead as they arrive and depart from Phuket International Airport! But this is much more spectacular than off-putting.

Not far north of the runway, head to Splash Jungle, a waterpark full of excitement and magnificent visuals inspired by unique destinations from around the word. The slides are sure to thrill adults and children alike, as will the surf in the wave pool. For those who prefer calmer waters, the Lazy River attraction will gently push you around the whole waterpark on a tube – or else, soak up the sun in the café, bar or restaurant overlooking all the fun.

Using Ao Por as a base will cut your travel time to get off the island by more than half! It can easily take over 45 minutes to reach Sarasin Bridge from the southern beaches when traffic cooperates. Here you’ll be exploring mainland Phang Nga in no time.

So wot are you waiting for? Our Ao Por hotels will put you in a piece of Phuket paradise that is far more than meets the eye. Book one of our flights to Phuket to get that dream beach holiday started today!

Image credit edwin.11 under Creative Commons

Phuket - Ao Por Hotels
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