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One of Thailand's classic markets, Amphawa is a huge hit amongst Thais but lesser known on the tourist trail and this makes it even better. With everything from retro Pepsi glasses to the most mouth watering of Thai snacks, the market never fails to disappoint. Book one of our Amphawa hotels and enjoy a stay in this authentic part of Thailand.

The market is right in the heart of Samut Songkhram and only opens at the weekend but unlike plenty of other markets in Thailand it operates in the afternoon—so you don't have to wake up at the crack of dawn to see it in full swing. Based around a canal there are plenty of boats filled with goods being sold but the surrounding banks are also crowded with shops selling everything from clothes to old telephones. If you're not sure which Thai snacks to feast on simply see what the Thai tourists are buying and copy them, it's bound to be a surprise and probably delicious. Another highlight of Amphawa is the fireflies which glow brightly in the evening. Boat tours can be arranged from the market to the site where they put on their incredible display.

From your Amphawa hotel you can also visit another of Thailand's famous markets, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. Great for a photo opportunity but often crowded with tourists shipped in from Bangkok, it is still worth visiting. Another highlight from the surrounding area is Don Hoi Lot. This is a vast area of mudflats and mangrove forests where the Mae Klong River meets the sea and it is famous for the delicious clams that live there.

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