Damai Laut Hotels

Damai Laut Hotels

Lumut is a small town in Malaysia's state of Perak. The city is also known as Damai Laut, and is a quiet beach town that is perfect for some rest and relaxation on your next holiday. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, while you take your pick of a huge range of water activities, surrounded by beautiful nature. All you need to do is book your Damai Laut/Lumut hotel, and come relax on the beach in style!

This city is home to the Royal Malaysian Navy, and is most well known for the simple handicrafts the locals make out of coral and seashells. As the gateway to Pangkor Island, most visitors skip straight through this little town as they rush to the island. The benefit for the people who do stop is a friendly and laid-back lifestyle, without being overcrowded with tourists.

The atmosphere in Lumut is perfect for a beach holiday. The locals will have you feeling at ease in no time, whether you're playing a game of beach volleyball on the sand or swimming in the beautiful waters. Nearby you can visit the seashell museum, where you can see different shells from all over the world, and the jewellery and artefacts the locals construct with them.

To see monkeys in their natural habitat, stop in at Mangrove Swamp Park. This is a great spot to slow down and enjoy a walk through the peaceful tropical environment. The raised walkways are easy for everyone to follow through the mangroves, while detailed signs teach you all about the different plants and wildlife you‘re seeing. The Turtle Breeding Farm is another fantastic attraction, which offers guided tours to teach you all about these majestic marine animals.

On the beach you can choose from many different water sports. Try surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing, canoeing or simply swimming in the calm and clear waters. A perfect way to wind up the day is a dinner cruise on the Dinding River, topped off with a massage or a pampering spa treatment to end your night in bliss.

Damai Laut is a fantastic location for your next holiday. With plenty of attractions to keep you busy, and a great beach to enjoy - you can be sure you'll have the time of your life on your next vacation. Book a great deal on a flight to Malaysia and all that's left is to lock in your Damai Laut/Lumut accommodation. Why wait to start planning a great tropical holiday?

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