Port Dickson Hotels

Port Dickson Hotels

Port Dickson is a fantastic holiday location only 90km from Kuala Lumpur, which means you can easily get here in just over an hour from the city. Come enjoy the sailing and cruises, relax on a spectacular beach and marvel at the historical landmarks in this delightful region of Malaysia. Check out the deals we have on a great Port Dickson hotel, and get ready for an awesome vacation!

Originally a settlement that produced charcoal and tin ore, it was the British who developed the town into a port. You can still see the four oldest shop houses at Jalan Lama, as the port helped to evolve Port Dickson into a busy trading centre. Despite the industry, the beaches have been well preserved and are great for a swim or simply relaxing on the sand.

Climb Cape Rachardo Lighthouse that was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century to help guide ships into the Port of Malacca. From the top you're rewarded with a panoramic view across the coastline of Sumatra, the stopover point for many migratory birds. Bird lovers can see many different species between September and March. The beach below the lighthouse has a footprint in the bedrock that is reputed to be that of Hang Tuah, a legendary Malay warrior. Check it out and then take a drink from the nearby freshwater spring he dug out of the rock.

Visit the Army Museum to see the vehicles and aircraft in use by the Royal Malaysian Army, or head to Fort Raja Jumaat and see the fort’s defences that controlled the lucrative tin trade in the region. In the District Officer's residence you can see the muzzle loading guns, as well as the foundations of an old palace within the walls of the fort. See the 'ordeal stone' at the small village of Keramat Ujung Pasir, which is an ancient lie detector. It's rumoured that if you put your arm in to answer questions, if you lie the stone will tighten like a vice.

Take a sailing course at the Royal Port Dickson Yacht Club, or enjoy the many beaches that line the coast. You can try your skills at water-skiing, or hire a canoe and paddle around the rocky headlands and capes. The snorkelling is fantastic, or you can also try windsurfing at one of the schools. Great views can be found at the Blue Lagoon, where the surrounding greenery adds to the effect of the clear blue sea and is an excellent spot for swimming.

Come and visit Port Dickson on your next holiday to Malaysia and have an enjoyable vacation at one of the best coastal regions in the country. All you need is a flight to Malaysia and to find a great deal on Port Dickson accommodation. So wot are you waiting for? Book it in and have a fantastic beach vacation!

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Port Dickson Hotels
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