Johor - Desaru Beach Hotels

Johor - Desaru Beach Hotels

On the eastern tip of the Malay Peninsula, Desaru Beach boasts clean white sand and 25km of beautiful South China Sea, set against a backdrop of a lush tropical forest. Visitors can choose many outdoor activities to enjoy their stay, or simply rest and relax on the lovely coast. Find a tranquil Desaru Beach hotel and come visit on your next holiday!

This Malaysian beach intentionally avoids over-development, so the first thing you’ll notice is a distinct lack of chic boutiques, fancy restaurants and hip nightlife spots. The only interruption from the beach are a handful of rustic little fishing villages, which are worth visiting for fresh caught seafood and a glimpse into the slow pace of life led by the community. Here you can check out unique modern artwork that has been inspired by the local environment, or visit the Fisherman’s Museum in Tanjung Balau to see the fish traps, artefacts and tools used by the fisherman.

You’ll find no shortage of activities in Desaru Beach. If you love golf, head for a round at a course designed by Ernie Els, or join a fishing charter and see if your angling skills are a match for the locals. There are many paths to follow into the jungle, or take a horseback ride and soak in the beauty of the wild. The waves on the beach are quite good for surfing, so rent a board and learn to ride the swell.

Kota Tinggi Waterfall is a wonderful spot for a picnic lunch. With water cascading 36m to the pool at the bottom, it creates a large spot that’s great for a swim. Stop in at Desaru Fruit Farm, to learn about the tropical fruits, local herbs and try durian - the king of fruits. A great spot for the whole family is Ostrich Wonderland, a show farm with over 300 of these massive birds. Kids can even have a ride on an Ostriches back! Wind down your day with a trip to see fireflies on Sungei Lebam River, a pleasant cruise as the trees light up with thousands of flashing natural lights.

Getting into Desaru Beach is easy - there’s only two options. Choose a flight to Johor Bahru or a flight to Singapore, and either drive across to the beach or take the ferry and grab a cab. It’s amazing that one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in Johor lies so close to the city. Have a look at our range of Desaru Beach accommodation and come enjoy this perfect beach - it really is a tranquil piece of paradise.

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Johor - Desaru Beach Hotels
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