Lion Hotel & Plaza Manado

Lion Hotel & Plaza Manado

Number of rooms : 170 rooms Location : Piere Tendean street no. 19 Boulevard - Manado Rating : 4 star Style : City Hotel Restaurants : 2 Restaurants ( Boulevard Bistro & Bay View Terrace )

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1. Manado Tua Island
Manado Tua Island is a part of Bunaken district, the largest island located on Manado bay. This island can be reached in 60 minutes by using motor boat. Manado Tua has a beautiful beach which is consist of white sand & mixture white consumption fish, and other sea natural resources.

2. Vihara Buddhayana Kakaskasen, Tomohon ( Buddhist Temple)
35 minutes’ drive from Lion Hotel & Plaza towards Tomohon, the guests may visit the Tridarma Temple in Kakaskasen, Tomohon. This Buddhist temple was built in 1983 has Pagoda with 9 floors.

3. Traditional Wooden House
Woloan village , 28km from Manado become famous for its industry in Traditional wooden house. The houses are built by skilled local carpenters using traditional methods & hard wood so that houses are sturdy, well built, and earthquake resistant.

4. Linouw Lake
A small lake with high sulfur ingredients, the bubbles in the side of lake transmit hot water vapor. Lake color has change of light and depicts a view. The light shadow is blue, green, turquoise, etc.

5. Jesus Christ Blessing statue
Manado city as the Capital of North Sulawesi province now has the tallest Jesus Christ Blessing statue in Asia. The 30 meter tall statue with upraised hand stand on 32 meter high hill , inscribed with the phrase “Torang Samua Basudara”, the province's slogan, which means "we are all brothers and sisters," in the local dialect. It was built at a 20-percent angle.