Bali - Nusa Lembongan Hotels

Bali - Nusa Lembongan Hotels

Are you planning a trip to Bali? Wot about a relaxing getaway on a secluded island that's practically untouched and teeming with natural beauty? Our Nusa Lembongan hotels are just a short boat trip from Bali's mainland, so you can start unwinding almost immediately after your plane touches down.

Things to do

Located just east of Bali's capital city, many tourists seek the peace and quiet of Lembongan Island after experiencing the hectic city vibes of Denpasar.

Apart from the sheer tranquillity of the island, some of the highlights include the turtles, reef sharks and cuttlefish you'll see when scuba diving and snorkelling. Another relaxing way to spend your time is sea kayaking around the island, where you'll pass the two main villages and be able to check out the local seaweed farms.

Shopping and dining

You won't find any shops on the island, so make sure that you pick up your stash of essentials before you arrive. You'll be able to buy snacks and perhaps some handicrafts from the local villagers but the best place to buy souvenirs is Badung Market in Denpasar or one of the other markets on Bali's main island.

At meal time, you can expect to chow down on delicious Balinese curries followed by plenty of fresh mango and coconut. In the evening, you can hang out in one of the lively bars or retreat to a quiet romantic spot.

Getting Here and around

To get here, nab one of these cheap flights to Bali and then take the half-hour boat ride from Benoa Harbour or Sanur Beach. If you're arriving late in the night and you need a place to stay before you catch the boat in the morning, we have a great range of hotels near the airport. Once you arrive on Lembongan Island, you can get around by hiring a scooter or bicycle. You won't see any cars around here but the island is quite small, so if you're not confident on two wheels, you won't have any trouble getting around on foot.

So wot are you waiting for? Book your Nusa Lembongan accommodation with us today and get ready for some beach side R&R in Bali!

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Bali - Nusa Lembongan Hotels

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  Rating Location Prices From Make a Booking
Indiana Kenanga Villas NUSA LEMBONGAN from$150/night Book & Pay Securely
Lembongan Beach Club & Resort NUSA LEMBONGAN from$145/night Book & Pay Securely
Sunset Villa and Cafe Lembongan   LEMBONGAN ISLAND from$37/night Book & Pay Securely
LE Pirate Beach Club - Hotel NUSA LEMBONGAN from$39/night Book & Pay Securely
Casa Del Mar - Nusa Lembongan, Bali   NUSA LEMBONGAN from$360/night Book & Pay Securely
Secret Point Huts CENINGAN ISLAND from$47/night Book & Pay Securely
Mushroom Garden Villas NUSA LEMBONGAN from$78/night Book & Pay Securely
Lotus Garden Huts LEMBONGAN ISLAND from$55/night Book & Pay Securely
Rama Beach Inn   NUSA LEMBONGAN ISLAND from$26/night Book & Pay Securely
Pondok Arsa Santhi NUSA LEMBONGAN from$30/night Book & Pay Securely
NusaBay by WHM LEMBONGAN ISLAND from$99/night Book & Pay Securely
Pandana Boutique Hotel NUSA LEMBONGAN from$54/night Book & Pay Securely
Nusa Garden Bungalow NUSA PENIDA from$35/night Book & Pay Securely
Lembongan Cliff Villas NUSA LEMBONGAN from$66/night Book & Pay Securely
Tropica Lembongan   NUSA LEMBONGAN from$80/night Book & Pay Securely
TS Hut Lembongan NUSA LEMBONGAN from$54/night Book & Pay Securely
The Tanis Hotel NUSA LEMBONGAN from$52/night Book & Pay Securely
Songlambung Beach Huts NUSA LEMBONGAN from$65/night Book & Pay Securely
Nitya Home Stay NUSA LEMBONGAN from$24/night Book & Pay Securely
Bay Shore Huts NUSA LEMBONGAN from$79/night Book & Pay Securely
Pondok Jenggala NUSA LEMBONGAN from$21/night Book & Pay Securely
Mainski Lembongan Resort NUSA LEMBONGAN from$20/night Book & Pay Securely
Dream Beach NUSA LEMBONGAN from$65/night Book & Pay Securely
Mushroom Beach Bungalow NUSA LEMBONGAN from$1/night Book & Pay Securely
Twin Island Villas NUSA LEMBONGAN from$125/night Book & Pay Securely
Lembongan Island Beach Villas LEMBONGAN ISLAND from$175/night Book & Pay Securely
Adi Bungalow NUSA LEMBONGAN from$60/night Book & Pay Securely
Padma Kumala Resort NUSA LEMBONGAN from$120/night Book & Pay Securely
Tiger Lillys Lembongan LEMBONGAN ISLAND from$61/night Book & Pay Securely
Nanuks Bungalows NUSA LEMBONGAN from$55/night Book & Pay Securely
Tamarind Beach Bungalow NUSA LEMBONGAN from$40/night Book & Pay Securely
Sukanusa Bungalow   LEMBONGAN ISLAND from$40/night Book & Pay Securely
Villa Atas - The Villas JUNGUT BATU VILLAGE from$140/night Book & Pay Securely

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