Kowloon Hotels

Kowloon Hotels

While staying in our Kowloon hotels, be sure to treat your taste buds and sample some of the local cuisine. For delicious seafood visit the small fishing village of Lei Yue Mun on the Kowloon side of the eastern entrance to Hong Kong Harbour. For restaurants specialising in Nothern and Southern Chinese food visit Whampoa Gourmet Place in Hung Hom. Or visit Knutsford Terrace, which is renowned as the culinary capital of Hong Kong and is located behind the Miramar Hotel on Nathan Road.


Hong Kong is a shopper's paradise offering so many shopping opportunities. You should choose from our range of Kowloon accommodation and experience them all! If you are looking for the latest fashions, offered at wholesale prices, visit Cheung Sha Wan Road between Yen Chow and Wong Chuk Streets. For clothing, accessories, cosmetics and toys, visit the Ladies' Market on Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok, which is open from midday to 11.30pm. Check out the Temple Street Night Market, which operates between 4pm and midnight, and browse stalls selling watches, clothing, CDs, and electronics. Jade can be purchased at over 400 stalls at the Jade Market, located on Kansu and Battery streets or from shops Canton Road between Kansu Street and Jordan Road, known as Jade Street. The Flower Market, the Yuen Po Street Bird Market and the Gold Fish Market in Mong Kok all make for interesting sightseeing, even if you are not interested in making a purchase.

The ultimate time to hit the shops is in summer, between 27 June and 31 August 2014, when the Summer Spectacular infects the entire city with joy and sales! You'll find absolute bargains in every shopping precinct of Kowloon, but that's not all you'll enjoy during the festival. There's also a huge line-up of concerts, cultural performances, parties and themed celebrations throughout the whole city, for two whole months! So, make sure you're ready to party as this festival kicks into gear.

There are many places in Kowloon which offer visitors the chance to learn of the cultural history of the area: See a Han tomb, which is believed to be well over 2000 years, old at the Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum; view rare Chinese antiques, calligraphy and paintings at the Hong Kong Museum of Art; see objects relating to the 400 million year history of Hong Kong and South China, at the Hong Kong Museum of History; learn about robotics, virtual reality and other areas of science and technology at the Hong Kong Science Museum; or learn about astronomy at the Hong Kong Space Museum.

Other places of interest, which are worth visiting while staying in a Kowloon hotel, include: The Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, which is dedicated to Wong Tai Sin whose portrait hangs behind the main altar; the Kowloon Walled City Park; the old Clock Tower near the Star Ferry forecourt; and the Avenue of Stars, which is a tribute to Hong Kong's history of film making and includes a life-sized statue of Bruce Lee.

Kowloon Hotels
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Kowloon Hotels

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  Rating Location Prices From Make a Booking
Dorsett Kwun Tong Hong Kong KOWLOON from$880/night Book & Pay Securely
City Plus Hostel   MONG KOK from$220/night Book & Pay Securely
The Langham, Hong Kong TSIM SHA TSUI from$1848/night Book & Pay Securely
Park Hotel Hong Kong TSIMSHATSUI from$1029/night Book & Pay Securely
Mingle in The Shai YAU MA TEI from$350/night Book & Pay Securely
The Cityview YAU MA TEI from$748/night Book & Pay Securely
Harbour Plaza Metropolis HUNGHOM from$880/night Book & Pay Securely
Panda's Hostel - Stylish   CITY from$630/night Book & Pay Securely
Osaka Hostel   TSIM SHA TSUI from$250/night Book & Pay Securely
Ramada Hotel Kowloon TSIM SHA TSUI from$540/night Book & Pay Securely
The Luxe Manor TSIM SHA TSUI, KOWLOON from$1201/night Book & Pay Securely
Lee Garden Guest House   TSIMSHATUI from$450/night Book & Pay Securely
Lodgewood by L'hotel Mongkok Hong Kong KOWLOON from$842/night Book & Pay Securely
Prudential Hotel TSIM SHA TSUI from$935/night Book & Pay Securely
Heritage Lodge LAI CHI KOK from$561/night Book & Pay Securely
Guangdong Hotel, Hong Kong TSIMSHATSUI from$780/night Book & Pay Securely
Metropark Hotel Kowloon KOWLOON from$702/night Book & Pay Securely
The Salisbury - YMCA of Hong Kong TSIM SHA TSUI from$1076/night Book & Pay Securely
Silka West Kowloon Hotel, Hong Kong TAI KOK TSUI (FORMERLY DORSETT KOWLOON HOTEL) from$495/night Book & Pay Securely
California Hong Kong   TSIM SHA TSUI from$500/night Book & Pay Securely
Stanford Hotel MONGKOK from$655/night Book & Pay Securely
Nathan Hotel YAU MA TEI, KOWLOON from$924/night Book & Pay Securely
Novotel Nathan Road Kowloon Hong Kong YAU MA TEI from$1100/night Book & Pay Securely
The Empire Hotel Kowloon TSIMSHATSUI from$743/night Book & Pay Securely
Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong MONGKOK from$1590/night Book & Pay Securely
Bridal Tea House Hotel (Tai Kok Tsui Anchor street) TAI KOK TSUI from$480/night Book & Pay Securely
Harbour Hotel MONG KOK from$430/night Book & Pay Securely
Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees TOKWAWAN from$748/night Book & Pay Securely
UK Deluxe Hostel   TSIM SHA TSUI from$140/night Book & Pay Securely
The Kimberley Hotel TSIM SHA TSUI from$854/night Book & Pay Securely
Butterfly on Prat Boutique Hotel TSIM SHA TSUI from$792/night Book & Pay Securely
The Kowloon Hotel TSIM SHA TSUI from$990/night Book & Pay Securely
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui TSIM SHA TSUI from$1637/night Book & Pay Securely
Pop Hotel MONG KOK from$710/night Book & Pay Securely
Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers TSIM SHA TSUI from$1782/night Book & Pay Securely
Panda's Hostel - Star Ferry   TSIM SHA TSUI from$630/night Book & Pay Securely
M1 Hotel YAU MA TEI, KOWLOON (FORMERLY M HOTEL) from$574/night Book & Pay Securely
Bridal Tea House Hotel (To Kwa Wan) TO KWA WAN from$400/night Book & Pay Securely
TWH -Tai Wan Hostel (Hong Kong)   TSIM SHA TSUI from$120/night Book & Pay Securely
Royal Plaza Hotel MONG KOK from$1196/night Book & Pay Securely
Kowloon Shangri-La TSIM SHA TSUI EAST, KOWLOON from$2057/night Book & Pay Securely
Eaton, Hong Kong YAU MA TEI from$825/night Book & Pay Securely
InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong TSIMSHATSUI EAST from$1870/night Book & Pay Securely
Yotel Cha Cha   TSIM SHA TSUI from$385/night Book & Pay Securely
Casa Hotel YAU MA TEI from$450/night Book & Pay Securely
Comfort Lodge, Hong Kong   TSIMSHATSUI from$550/night Book & Pay Securely
Panda's Hostel - Cozy   CITY from$480/night Book & Pay Securely
Harbour Grand Kowloon HUNGHOM from$1463/night Book & Pay Securely
W Hong Kong KOWLOON STATION from$2750/night Book & Pay Securely
L'hotel élan KWUN TONG from$743/night Book & Pay Securely
Silka Seaview Hotel, Hong Kong YAU MA TEI (FORMERLY DORSETT SEAVIEW HOTEL) from$574/night Book & Pay Securely
B P International KOWLOON from$748/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Rainbow Hong Kong YAU MA TEI from$715/night Book & Pay Securely
Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong (COSMO HOTEL MONGKOK) from$686/night Book & Pay Securely
Metropark Hotel Mong Kok MONGKOK from$792/night Book & Pay Securely
pentahotel Hong Kong, Kowloon KOWLOON CITY from$1001/night Book & Pay Securely
Stanford Hillview Hotel TSIMSHATSUI from$729/night Book & Pay Securely
Bridal Tea House Hotel (Tai Kok Tsui Li Tak street) TAI KOK TSUI from$384/night Book & Pay Securely
Ovolo West Kowloon - 256 Tung Chau Street WEST KOWLOON from$1366/night Book & Pay Securely
Panda's Hostel - Moment   CITY from$680/night Book & Pay Securely
H1 Hotel KOWLOON from$1040/night Book & Pay Securely
Panda's Hostel - Hot Dog Bus   CITY from$530/night Book & Pay Securely
Bridal Tea House Hotel (Hung Hom Winslow street) HUNG HOM from$344/night Book & Pay Securely
Evergreen Hotel (Hong Kong) YAU MA TEI from$616/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Madera Hong Kong JORDAN from$1056/night Book & Pay Securely
The Peninsula Hong Kong TSIM SHA TSUI from$4708/night Book & Pay Securely
Panda's Hostel - Comics   CITY from$630/night Book & Pay Securely
The Mira Hong Kong TSIM SHA TSUI from$1650/night Book & Pay Securely
Rosedale Hotel Kowloon KOWLOON from$770/night Book & Pay Securely
Regal Kowloon Hotel TSIM SHA TSUI from$1056/night Book & Pay Securely
Panda's Hostel - Elegant   CITY from$630/night Book & Pay Securely
Best Western Grand Hotel Tsimshatsui TSIMSHATSUI from$542/night Book & Pay Securely
Bridal Tea House Hotel (Yau Ma Tei) YAU MA TEI from$584/night Book & Pay Securely
The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers TSIMSHATSUI from$1076/night Book & Pay Securely
Bridal Tea House Hotel (Gillies Ave South) HUNG HOM from$520/night Book & Pay Securely
The Royal Garden TSIM SHA TSUI EAST from$1540/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Panorama by Rhombus TSIM SHA TSUI, KOWLOON from$908/night Book & Pay Securely
Regal Oriental Hotel KOWLOON CITY from$722/night Book & Pay Securely
Citadines Ashley Hongkong KOWLOON from$1000/night Book & Pay Securely
New World Millennium Hong Kong Hotel TSIMSHATSUI EAST from$1485/night Book & Pay Securely

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