Hong Kong Island - Quarry Bay Hotels

Hong Kong Island - Quarry Bay Hotels

Traditionally an industrial area, Quarry Bay is rapidly undergoing a transformation to become one of the best destinations in Hong Kong. At the base of Mount Parker, you’ll find great parks, wonderful department stores and street markets, alongside a rich history and culture. Check out our range of Quarry Bay hotels and come see how the locals live!

Temple Street Night Market is the most famous stop and when the sun goes down, traders open their stores while fortune tellers and performers begin to emerge. Try some of the local treats, and haggle with the shopkeepers for trinkets, tea ware, jade and antiques that all make fantastic souvenirs. The Ladies Market is another stretch of shopping, and despite its name you’ll find accessories, typical tourist items and electronics on sale as you walk the market. For brand name items, Harbour Plaza North Point is the place to visit, or follow the walkway to Causeway Bay, the busiest shopping district in Hong Kong.

History buffs should check out the Hong Kong Museum of History, located by the water in Quarry Bay Park. The museum has a fascinating display of the local cultural heritage, and is definitely worth a visit. Nearby and housed in what was once the flagship vessel of the fire services fleet, the Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery displays a fantastic insight into the history of fire fighting in Hong Kong. Walk through the Avenue of Stars to see plaques honouring the famous entertainers who helped turn Hong Kong into the Hollywood of the East, and you can’t miss the giant statue of Bruce Lee! If you prefer interactive displays, the Science Museum is next door, where you can test your driving skills in a fantastic simulation and discover the advances made in modern technology. Art lovers can flock to the Museum of Art and lose themselves in the paintings, calligraphy and sculpture from Hong Kong, China and the rest of the world.

Love hiking? The Hong Pak country trail takes you up Mount Parker, so enjoy a lovely forest trek before the greenery opens up to give walkers an excellent view over Quarry Bay and Taikoo Shing. If you’re in town for Chinese New Year you can’t miss the biggest celebration in Hong Kong. Starting at the end of January to February each year, it continues over 15 jam-packed days full of cultural festivities and traditions.

Quarry Bay is a historic and cultural capital of the city, where visitors to Hong Kong can enjoy great shopping, lovely parks and learn about the heritage of the local people. With so much to offer, why not try Quarry Bay accommodation on your next holiday? We guarantee you’ll enjoy it! Don’t forget your flight to Hong Kong and start planning your vacation now!

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Hong Kong Island - Quarry Bay Hotels
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