Paris - Madeleine - Opera Hotels

Paris - Madeleine - Opera Hotels

Want something to sing about? These hotels are close to two of Paris’s most enchanting sights. La Madeleine is a Roman Catholic church in the style of a Greek temple, with columns out front and sculptures and art inside. Palas Gairner was the home of the Phantom of the Opera, and with its gold leaf interior and regal red seats, it’s one seriously opulent opera house. If that’s not enough European romance for you, these hotels are also close to the Church of St. Augustine and the Arc de Triomphe. Wot more could you want? Book your Madeleine hotel with us and prepare for majesty.


La Madeleine is both a church dedicated to Mary Magdalene and a temple built to honour Napoleon’s army. In 1806 Napoleon commissioned Pierre Alexandre Barthelemy Vignon to build it. Vignon died in 1828 before completing the project, which was finished by Jacques Marie-Huve. The church was consecrated in 1842.

Things to see and do

La Madeleine has 52 Corinthian columns, a pediment depicting the Biblical tale of the last judgment, and two heavy bronze doors. Beyond these doors, three high domes are decorated with Renaissance art. A statue of Mary being carried to Heaven by angels sits above the high altar. There’s a pipe organ that still gets some action these days, and if you’re lucky you can catch a classical concert. There’s even a tunnel-shaped restaurant in the foyer.

The Palais Garnier (Opera de Paris) was built in 1875 for the Paris Opera, France’s premier opera company. Everything about this theatre is spectacular: its facades come with statues, decorations and stone columns, its interior includes a grand staircase, and chandeliers hang in its Grand Foyer. The theatre itself has Europe’s largest stage, 1,979 seats, a ceiling painting showing scenes from famous operas and a horseshoe shape decorated with red and gold. It’s no wonder the Phantom of the Opera chose to haunt this Baroque beauty.

For more sightseeing, make sure you pay a visit to the Arc de Triomphe, the gigantic arch in the Place Charles de Gaulle that honours all those who fought for France. It’s also worth dropping into the Church of St. Augustine, a Romano-Byzantine Roman Catholic church guarded by a Joan of Arc statue.

Shopping and dining

The streets around La Madeleine have cafes, restaurants, shops and big department stores like Printemps, and you can check them out with a walk around the block. Head to Opera Garnier by walking down Boulevard Haussmann, which is lined with shops including Galleries Lafayette, one of Paris’s grandest and most upmarket shopping malls.

Getting here and around

Snap up some Paris - Madeleine accommodation and book your flight to Paris with us too. You can get around the city on the Paris Metro or hire a car if you want to do a little more exploring around France. This part of Paris will leave you feeling as triumphant as the arc that towers above it.

Image credit Daderot under Creative Commons

Paris - Madeleine - Opera Hotels
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Paris - Madeleine - Opera Hotels

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Edouard 7 Hotel PARIS from€212/night Book & Pay Securely
Holiday Villa Lafayette Paris PARIS from€80/night Book & Pay Securely
Lyric Hotel Paris PARIS from€146/night Book & Pay Securely
Citadines Opera Paris PARIS from€146/night Book & Pay Securely
Hôtel Elysées 8 PARIS from€149/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Pax Opera PARIS from€81/night Book & Pay Securely
Mercure Paris Opera Grands Boulevards (Opening January 2015) PARIS from€119/night Book & Pay Securely
Villa Opera Drouot - Les Hotels de Paris PARIS from€100/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Saint Petersbourg PARIS from€162/night Book & Pay Securely
Pavillon Opera Bourse, Paris PARIS from€68/night Book & Pay Securely
Hôtel Mercure Paris Royal Madeleine PARIS from€116/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Axel Opera PARIS from€63/night Book & Pay Securely
Hôtel Mercure Paris Opera Garnier PARIS from€116/night Book & Pay Securely
Best Western Premier Le Carre Folies Opera PARIS from€134/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Peyris Opera PARIS from€81/night Book & Pay Securely
BridgeStreet Opera - Saint Lazare PARIS from€80/night Book & Pay Securely
Best Western Premier Le Swann PARIS from€119/night Book & Pay Securely
Le Grand Hotel de Normandie PARIS from€106/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Eugene en Ville PARIS from€158/night Book & Pay Securely
Aparthotel Adagio Paris Opéra PARIS from€145/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Cervantes Paris PARIS from€68/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Aida Opera PARIS from€79/night Book & Pay Securely
Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg PARIS from€306/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Brittany PARIS from€49/night Book & Pay Securely
Hôtel Mercure Paris Opéra Cusset PARIS from€112/night Book & Pay Securely
My Hotel in France Opéra Saint-Georges PARIS from€72/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Scribe Paris managed by Sofitel PARIS from€217/night Book & Pay Securely
Lautrec Opera PARIS from€120/night Book & Pay Securely
Hôtel Mercure Paris Monty Opéra PARIS from€120/night Book & Pay Securely
Amarante Beau Manoir PARIS from€121/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Cordelia PARIS from€103/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Le Lavoisier PARIS from€202/night Book & Pay Securely
Daunou Opera Hotel PARIS from€99/night Book & Pay Securely
Opera Deauville Hotel, Paris PARIS from€119/night Book & Pay Securely
Marquis Faubourg Saint-Honore PARIS from€430/night Book & Pay Securely
Pavillon Opera Grands Boulevards PARIS from€76/night Book & Pay Securely
Hotel Concortel PARIS from€113/night Book & Pay Securely

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