d'Omah Hotel Yogyakarta

d'Omah Hotel Yogyakarta

d'Omah is located in the village of Tembi in rural Java - but only twenty minutes from the centre of the bustling artistic city of Yogyakarta governed by Sultan Hamengku Buwono 10th. A respite at d'Omah offers the unique experience of savoring life in a Javanese village untouched by the ravages of time, of enjoying breakfast on the edge of rice fields ever changing according to the season, to walk the cobbled streets with the friendly charming people of the village and also importantly to have a.....

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km 8,/5 Parangtritis Main Road, Bantul 55782 YOGYAKARTA Indonesia, (Tembi,Sewon Bantul)

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d'Omah Hotel Yogyakarta

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Staying at d'Omah you get an insight into Javanese rural life, you can enjoy walks through the village and the surrounding rice fields and you are also in easy traveling distance to all the major local attractions including Borobudur and Prambanan temples the Sultan's palace and all the various handicraft production centers including Kota Gede, famous for its silver works. Staying at d'Omah provides a rare opportunity to understand the rich culture and art of the island of Java in comfortable accommodation that is sensitive to its surroundings and also the needs of it guests.