Foshan Hotels

Foshan Hotels

Visitors to Foshan discover a side of China that is both exciting and full of history. Sitting just 20km north of Guangzhou, come and see beautiful temples, lovely gardens and fantastic attractions. Check out our range of Foshan hotels and make your next holiday one to remember!

Stop in at Zumiao Temple, a Confucian temple that’s spectacular to walk around. Here, you can explore the Memorial Hall of Kung Fu Legends, and also see significant artefacts from Foshan's history. The ancestral house of Bruce Lee is nearby, where you can learn about the history of one of China's greatest actors and visit the house he lived in before moving to Hong Kong.

Explore Liangyuan Park and the traditional Chinese-style buildings which are surrounded by beautiful gardens. Visit nearby Taoci Town, one of the best place to find traditional Chinese porcelain and to learn the history of pottery making. If you're interested in more pottery don't miss Shiwan's Nanfeng Ancient Furnace, which has been operating for over 500 years. This tool from the Ming Dynasty is a fantastic reminder of the importance of the porcelain industry, and you can even try making your own pottery!

If you love flowers, be sure to visit Lotus World. It's a massive ecological park dedicated to the lotus flower and the largest of its kind in the world. Walk through spectacular displays and exhibitions of this beautiful flower, as well as perfectly landscaped gardens. The nearby Renshou Temple is amazing, which began as a school and has since been converted into a Zen Temple. The pagoda is lovely, and has an interesting mix of Vajrayana icons combined with simple Zen aesthetics.

The oldest building in the region is the South China Sea Temple, which was built around the year 990. Visitors get to see over 1000 years of history, and a picturesque view out over the sea. Before heading back into town check out the Southern Taoyuan region, and enjoy their delicious peaches, delightful scenery and lush green forest that covers over 90% of the area.

Foshan is a wonderful city in China that displays an amazing insight into local life. Visitors to this peaceful town can discover ancient temples and splendid nature that combine for a relaxing holiday. All you need is your flight to China, and don't forget to book your Foshan accommodation!

Image credit Zhangzhugang under Creative Commons

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