Chongqing Hotels

Chongqing Hotels

Chongqing has two distinct names and is often called the "Mountain City" or the "City on Rivers," because it is totally surrounded by two separate rivers and four different mountain ranges. These natural features make it a very picturesque city, which also has a rich history and a colourful local art scene. Check out our range of Chongqing hotels, and come visit this beautiful city on your next visit to China!

During the Second World War, Chongqing was one of the major headquarters of the allies. Thanks to the historical events that occurred, visitors today can see many attractions and memorials dedicated to the people that fought. The People's Liberty Monument is in the city centre, and is the only building in China celebrating the victory over the Axis armies. The General Joseph W. Stilwell Museum is another must-see, and is a museum full of historical relics and displays, which honour his role as the Allied Chief of Staff.

Outside of town, visit the World Heritage Listed Dazu Rock Carvings. Dating back to the 7th century AD, you'll soon discover the site has religious carvings and sculptures unlike anywhere else in China. Many artefacts from these sites are on display in the Chongqing Museum, which has a huge range of historical items, ancient relics, porcelain, and paintings. There's no better place to discover the story behind Chongqing.

Art lovers can't miss Huang Xueping Doodle Art Street for something truly unique. The street stretches over 1.25 km, and has been decorated by over 800 artists whose beautiful artworks cover more than 37 buildings. Another great attraction is Yang Ren Jie, which is also known as Foreigner Street. It's a theme park with scale models of many of the world’s famous attractions. Walk through a miniature New York, check out a replica of Christ the Redeemer Statue, and explore Venetian canals without the flight to Italy! Grab dinner at any of the hot pot restaurants in town, which is the most famous dish of the area for a good reason.

Visitors to Chongqing discover a city with a strong history, which is combined with some neat attractions that make it a must-see destination for any traveller to China. Check out our range of great deals on a flight to China and browse through our excellent Chongqing accommodation. Your next vacation is going to be great!

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