Beihai Hotels

Beihai Hotels

Beihai is a charming city in south-western China, that's both an excellent tourist destination and a perfect gateway into Southeast Asia. Beihai has a beautiful subtropical climate, and the highest air quality in the country. Visitors discover unique markets, a fantastic beach and some spectacular natural scenery, so book your Beihai hotel today, and enjoy your next holiday to China.

Your first stop needs to be the Beibu Gulf Square. It's a shopper's paradise, so walk through the local night market, where you can taste the local delicacies and pick up a great gift for back home. This part of China is most famous for its pearls, and you'll find many unique souvenirs and jewellery items made from the local pearls.

Every visitor enjoys fantastic seaside views and beautiful scenery because Beihai sits on the shores of the Beibu Gulf. The harbour is a great place for water lovers, where you'll find plenty of fishing charters and sailing cruises to enjoy a day on the ocean. If relaxing on the beach is more your style, you have more than enough space to spread out. There's over 24km of Beihai Silver Beach so you can find a secluded spot to stretch out on the sand. If you're feeling adventurous try kite surfing or windsurfing, or bring a book and just enjoy the sun and the soft white beach.

Jump on a ferry and cross to Weizhou Island. It's the biggest volcanic island in China, and a splendid spot for a day trip. Once you're back on the mainland, stop by Wenchang Pagoda, which is a structure dating back to 1613 and constructed to bring achievement and advancement for those who follow the practice of Feng Shui. Dongpo Pavillion is another great historical site, filled with relics, antiques and beautiful scenery in the surrounding gardens.

Enjoy delicious seafood for dinner, or choose from a variety of Western and Chinese cuisine in the restaurants in town. Find a great outdoor spot by the water and have a wonderful evening of great food, a fresh sea breeze and a relaxing atmosphere.

Visitors to Belhai discover a beautiful city on the water that caters very well to tourists. All you need to do is grab a flight to China, and book in your Belhai accommodation. Your perfect holiday in China awaits, so wot are you waiting for!

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