Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort

Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort

Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort is at the pinnacle of tranquility, a hillside contemporary retreat hidden in between Janda Baik's lush tropical rainforest in the state of Pahang, Malaysia. Be immersed with the refreshing change of the cool day's climate of 23 C to 28 C that drops to 22 C when evening dawns, all at an altitude of 600m to 800m above sea level. Guests can relax in the privacy of contemporary designed rooms with modern amenities.

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Lot 5540 & Lot 5936 Janda Baik, Bentong 28750 PAHANG DARUL MAKMUR Malaysia

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Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort

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Picnic at Pulau Santap
What happens when two rivers meet? A kind of chemistry takes place. The meeting point of Bunus and Ceringging rivers is the birthplace of Janda Baik. In the early days, there was a small islet where Sultan Abu Bakar of Pahang took his meals. "Santap" means "to eat", in royal language. Thus, the place was named Pulau Santap. Though the islet is no more to be seen, the area still attracts visitors who came for picnics or wade in its shallow water.

An Outing at Ulu Tampit waterfalls
Located at Latto Charok, Ulu Tampit waterfall is the most-recommended spot for those visiting Janda Baik. The seven-tier waterfall is probably Janda Baik's best kept secret. It takes 45 minutes of light trekking to the highest tier. However, most trekkers are satisfied just being at the fourth and fifth tier to enjoy the scenic view of the gushing waters although the best pool is located right at the peak.

Shop for fresh fruits and vegetables at Bukit Tinggi new village
There are many stalls selling vegetables and fruits along the only street in the village. There are also stalls set up in the small car parking area in the village. These fresh produce come from the many vegetable plots around the village. A hot selling item from the area is the "Bentong ginger".

Rainforest educational tour
Let your spirit of adventure take you on a journey to explore and discover the secrets of nature. Enjoy the fresh, cool air of the rainforest. Waken your senses to the beauty of Malaysia's tropical rainforest, its sights and sounds.

Organic farm
Learn more about organic farming. Watch how vegetables and fruits are propagated without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Although organic food is expensive, it is still in high demand especially among the health conscious.

Wadi Hussein (Taman Hana)
Find tranquillity, cool, clean mountain air at 'Wadi Hussein', a private orchard by the stream owned by a well- known Malaysian writer Pak Habib (Syed Hussein Al-Attas). Taman Hana or Wadi Hussein was built for family members as well as family friends to enjoy nature and the tranquil environment of Kampung Janda Baik.

Horse riding at the Highlanders Equestrian Park
Horse-back riding at the two-acre Highlanders Equestrian Park is a combination of traditional English and cowboy styles. For first-timers, Highlanders offers fully-guided fun riding on either a horse or pony. The fun ride around the paddock gives riders a chance to learn to handle and manipulate the horse. Serious riders can opt for a 10-lesson Professional Riding course where the focus is to hone the riding skills and learn basic horse care. For a total experience at Highlanders, there is a tailor-made package at Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort to fit any requirements.

Join team building activities
Strengthen your organizations by taking your staff on a team building programme at Cherengin Hills Convention & Spa Resort. The resort is an ideal venue for team building outings catering to corporate organizations as well as students. With its tranquil rainforest surrounding the Resort, it is the ultimate location that can provide physically challenging and demanding activities designed to inspire leadership qualities in its participants and to help build team spirit. Our team can assist in planning your team building exercises designed around your interest, time and budget.

The clean waters of the rivers around Janda baik allow tubing activity to be done. Experience the one kilometer tubing activity along Sungai Benus. This relaxing activity is suitable for team building. Prepare yourself to brace the river rich in flora and fauna on a big tube.

The landscape of Janda Baik provides the perfect setting for outstanding activities to give you a truly memorable holiday experience. There are a range of routes that are perfect for cycling. They're self-guided to give you the freedom and independence to travel the region at your own pace.

Challenge your friends or family members to a test of fitness with a game of futsall or badminton in the multi-purpose hall located nearby the resort.