Halifax Hotels

Halifax Hotels

Perched on one of the world's largest natural harbours, fog-bound Halifax has gone from old-salt port to deluxe destination, with its historic areas gussied up into sleek tourist precincts. More and more travellers are setting course for Nova Scotia's capital.

Halifax, Nova Scotia's capital, lies by one of the world's most extensive natural harbors, midway along Nova Scotia's south Atlantic shore. It sits on a peninsula between the harbor and an inlet called the North West Arm. The compact downtown area extends west from the water to the Citadel, the big star-shaped fort on the hill. Cogswell St to the north and Spring Garden Rd to the south mark the other boundaries of the historic central district. Most things of interest to visitors can be found here. Dartmouth, Halifax's twin city, is east across the harbor; the cities are connected by two toll bridges and a ferry.

Halifax Hotels
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