Poipet Hotels

Poipet Hotels

Poipet is an exciting Cambodian town that sits at the border with Thailand and is a key crossing point between the two countries. Famous for the strip of casinos that line the ‘no man's land’ between the two border controls, this city is a holiday hotspot for wealthy travellers. Check out our Poipet hotels and visit the Las Vegas of Cambodia for yourself!

The highlight of Poipet is of course the casinos that light up the skyline. Thanks to a quirk in regulations, here you'll find many massive casino resorts that allow Thais and other travellers to leave Thailand and legally gamble in one of the casinos between the passport control counters without ever crossing into Cambodia. However, if you want to travel onwards into another part of Cambodia you'll first need to pass through their country's passport control. Most visitors simply come to enjoy the luxury of the casinos and their opulent settings.

Poipet has grown phenomenally thanks to the business from the casinos and a regular influx of tourists. Leaving the casino strip you can see a clearer picture of city life in Cambodia as you walk through local markets and marvel at all of the different local produce. The best local dining is in the side streets where small little restaurants offer traditional food, as well as unique handicrafts and tourist items to browse through. During the evening you'll find many bars and pubs, because the whole city of Poipet centres around the entertainment industry. Karaoke pubs line the popular bar streets, and you can easily check them all out as you walk around the town - Poipet is small enough to explore everything on foot.

Come to Poipet and enjoy a town that has navigated the restrictions of gambling in both Thailand and Cambodia. Fun-filled nights await travellers who venture here, with a lively nightlife and a local scene that is very unique. Grab a deal on a flight to Thailand, and all you need to do is get to the border and book your Poipet accommodation. Are you feeling lucky?

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Poipet Hotels
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