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Our wide range of Rio accommodation is ideally located either within the city centre or just on the quieter city outskirts.

Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city of Brazil, behind São Paulo. It is famous for its natural settings, its Carnival celebrations and the invention of samba. The streets are paved with decorated black and cream swirl pattern mosaics known locally as "pedra portuguesa".

Some of the most famous local landmarks in addition to the beaches include the giant statue of Jesus -known as Christ the Redeemer which sits atop Corcovado mountain- which has recently been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Sugarloaf mountain with its cable car and Maracanã stadium, one of the world's largest football stadiums. Rio also boasts the two world's largest forests inside an urban area. The first is the forest in Parque Estadual da Pedra Branca, or White Stone State Park. The second, almost connected to the first, is the famous Floresta da Tijuca, or 'Tijuca Forest'.

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