Best Western Hotel Stella

Best Western Hotel Stella

Hotel Stella is provided by 44 fashionably equipped rooms. It offers enough outside parking spaces for cars and buses, as well as an underground car parking with closed-circuit TV cameras. Pleasant stay is ensured by modern furnished rooms and family atmosphere which we cherish a lot. In spacious breakfast room you can expect a variety of fresh delicacies at the breakfast buffet. We suggest you to finish your evening by relaxing with a delicious drink in our aperitif bar.

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Ulica Nadinska 27, Zagreb 10010 City of Zagreb Croatia

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Best Western Hotel Stella

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The treasures of history are kept and exhibited in the museums of Zagreb. Apart from objects related to the history of the city, the Zagreb museums and art collections possess exhibits from the whole world round of very considerable historical and artistic value. Things of particular rarity are the Zagreb Mummy with the world's longest text in Etruscan, and the remains of Neanderthal prehistoric man (homo Krapinensis).
Green parks and fountains, avenues of trees and flowers starting with Zrinjevac in the town centre. The series of parks go from town center down to the railway station, through the botanical gardens and up to Marulic and Tito Squares where the theatre stands. They are known as the Lenucci horseshoe because of the shape they form and the name of the landscape gardener who planned them. They are well provided with benches where you can rest from sightseeing and plan the next thing you want to do.
Nature park Medvednica is in close proximity to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Due to its numerous landscaped trails, mountain houses, historical monuments and recreational areas, the central part of this wooded mountain gives an impression of a spacious city park. By walking down the educational trails, you can learn about some of almost one thousand recorded plant varieties, listen to the song of around a hundred bird types, and come across numerous insects and animals. The walk through the forest restores natural balance to life, and each moment spent in the Medvednica Nature Park enriches your existence. Maksimir is situated in the eastern part of the town. It was open to public in 1794 and was the first public promenade in this part of the Europe. It was named after its founder, the Zagreb bishop Maksimilian Vrhovec (1752 - 1827) who, apart from the archbishop Haulik, took the credit for its arrangement.Maksimir is arranged in the place of part of the oak woods in the middle of the 19th century.