Bamboo Green Central Hotel Danang

Bamboo Green Central Hotel Danang

Located at the centre of Danang city, Bamboo Green Central hotel is very close to the business streets, airport, railway station, offices, companies, as well as Vietnamese cultural Heritages and beautiful landscapes. With modern architecture, the hotel offers a welcome blend of 3 star expertise and enchanting Vietnamese hospitality. The hotel consists of 50 luxurious rooms with modern facilities arrranged from the 3rd floor to the 9th floor. From our rooms, you can enjoy the city views, the Han romantic river, the Marble Mountain and Son Tra Peninsula.

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Book 15%OFF-Deluxe Double/Twin ₫1950000 SoldSold808000 Sold808000 SoldSoldSold808000 808000 808000 Sold808000 808000
Book Deluxe Double/Twin ₫1950000 Sold1155000 950000 Sold950000 SoldSoldSold950000 950000 950000 Sold950000 950000
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Book Deluxe Single ₫1765000 Sold1050000 850000 Sold850000 SoldSoldSold850000 850000 850000 Sold850000 850000
Book 15%OFF-Sup Double/Twin ₫1235000 SoldSold553000 Sold553000 SoldSoldSold553000 553000 553000 Sold553000 553000
Book Superior Double/Twin ₫1235000 Sold735000 650000 Sold650000 SoldSoldSold650000 650000 650000 Sold650000 650000
Book 15%OFF-Superior Single ₫1100000 SoldSold468000 Sold468000 SoldSoldSold468000 468000 468000 SoldSold468000
Book Superior Single ₫1100000 Sold630000 550000 Sold550000 SoldSoldSold550000 550000 550000 Sold550000 550000


158 Phan Chau Trinh Street, Hai Chau District Da Nang Vietnam

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Bamboo Green Central Hotel Danang

  • Things to do
- Marble mountain
- Hoi An Ancient Town
- Ba Na Hills
- Cham museum
- Han River
- Monkey Mountain, Linh Ung Pagoda