QLD - Fraser Island Hotels

QLD - Fraser Island Hotels

Located off the east coast of Queensland, close to Gympie and north three hours of Brisbane is the world's largest sand island, Fraser Island. Often referred to as the Great Sandy Beach, Fraser Island stretches for an incredible 120 kilometres and features a number of lakes, rainforests and white sandy beaches. Despite the large amount of tourist and holiday seekers that come to the island, Fraser’s large size makes a holiday experience feel like a very secluded and unique experience for all that travel to its varied, tropical parts. There are a number of a sites to see, including the pristine, near invisible waters of Eli Creek, the voluminous Indians Head and incredibly beautiful Kingfisher Bay.

If you’re into fishing, swimming, surfing or just relaxing on a beach, Fraser Island is undoubtedly a Mecca for the beach-bound holiday traveller.

If you’re just visiting Fraser Island or staying for a few days, we’ve got your accommodation needs sorted. We have a wide offering of Fraser Island accommodation available for you, your family or for a romantically incline partner. Why not, when you can

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QLD - Fraser Island Hotels
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