Sydney Walking Tours

Check out one of the world's great cities one step at a time.

With its amazing streetscape, waterfront walkways and historic sites, Sydney's CBD is best explored with your own two feet. Take a walking tour of Sydney's highlights and find something cool with each turn.

Call cooee from the highest arches of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a bridge climb experience. Head beneath the sails of one of the world's great opera houses and learn the secrets behind this architectural and engineering marvel. Take a guided, daytime stroll through Millers Point and The Rocks and get the low-down on the city's convict and colonial past, then come back at night for a ghost tour to experience the area's haunted history and creepiest corners.

If all that walking leaves you a little parched, sign up for a pub or nightlife tour and scope out some of Sydney's best waterholes and hidden gems.