Sydney Bar & Pub Crawls

Enjoy your libations like a local.

It's no secret that Sydney is home to some of the country's finest watering holes. Join a pub crawl, however, and you'll discover some of the city's hidden gems. With old-fashioned corner pubs, sophisticated small-bar tours and neighbourhood circuits, you'll find plenty of places to bend an elbow.

Take a tour around Sydney's historic heart to find some of the city's oldest drinking establishments. Weathered sandstone buildings in the CBD and the Rocks have served up traditional tipples for nearly two centuries. More historic venues can be found in the wharf-side suburb of Balmain.

It won't be long between drinks when you explore Newtown, where brewpubs, wine bars, music venues and cocktail lounges link arms along King Street and Enmore Road.

Craft beer tours showcase some of Sydney's homegrown hopmongers. Outside of the city, be sure to visit the Hunter Valley and go on a guided wine-tasting tour in one of Australia's prime winery regions. Whether you join a charter tour or zigzag your way across the city, Sydney's drinking dens are sure to quench your thirst.