It’s all about the great outdoors in Cairns. The coastal city holds the key to Tropical North Queensland; all you have to do is step outside.

Discover the stories of the region’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and get the big picture on World Heritage wonders. Escape into the fern-fringed gullies beneath the Daintree Rainforest’s towering canopy or cruise the coral cays on a snorkelling or diving trip to the Great Barrier Reef. Like most things in Cairns, dining is best done outside.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cairns

Can you swim at Cairns beaches?

Yes, yes you can. The local government has taken measures to protect the waters from stingers so you can swim comfortably. There's a series of nets around the most popular beaches, but if you go on a scuba adventure, make sure you wear a dive suit for extra protection.

When is Cairns stinger season?

Cairns' jellyfish season lasts from November to May, mainly because of the warm tropical water that goes hand in hand with the summer season.

When is the Cairns Cup?

The Cairns Cup is one of the hottest horse racing events in Queensland. Cup Day typically falls in August, so if you happen to be in town during that month and racing is your thing, be sure to get tickets.