Dubbed the Adventure Capital of the World, there is no place more thrilling than Queenstown.

Overlooking a stunning lake and surrounded by snowy peaks, Queenstown could easily have stayed the sleepy sheep town it once was. Instead, the nifty locals invented all sorts of gravity-fuelled outdoor activities to put their natural playground on the world map. Summer or winter, take your pick from an endless range of heart-pumping activities. This usually involves you being suspended from, hanging onto or jumping out of some new contraption, so it’s best not to overthink it and take a leap of faith.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Queenstown

Why is Queenstown called the Adventure Capital of the World?

When in Queenstown you can choose between skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing, bungee jumping, hang gliding and skydiving, jet boating, river surfing and whitewater rafting. In other words, any kind of adventure. You get the idea.

What are some of Queenstown's biggest festivals?

In June, the Queenstown Winter Festival takes over the resort with free concerts, street parties, stand-up comedy shows, firework displays and more. The Gibbston Valley Summer Concerts takes place in January at the Gibbston Valley Winery.

What is a GoCard?

This is a travel card that works for travel on all Queenstown buses. Fares are over 50 percent cheaper when using the card. Pick yours up from any bus driver or at Queenstown Airport and O'Connell's Mall.