Brisbane’s river, hillsides and sunshine provides the perfect stage for a glistening capital that’s fast giving its southern cousins a real run for their money.

From riverside rambles to chic cultural heavyweights; bayside bliss to cutting-edge dining – Brisbane takes it all in its stride. Take a moment to get your breath back. Whether you hop between islands or bars, Brissie will delight. Ancient Aboriginal heritage meets contemporary art in Brisbane’s cultural precinct and old rivals fight for tomorrow’s title at the city’s sports arenas. Tuck into tasty regional fare grown in Brisbane’s backyard of farmland and vineyards.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Brisbane

Why is Brisbane called Brisvegas?

Back in the 1990s, Brisbane was seen as a quaint state capital, and it's rumoured that the nickname Brisvegas was coined to poke fun at the city's nightlife. Well, the joke's on them, because many Brisbane locals embrace the moniker, and know that the city has a lot to offer when it comes to world-class bars and restaurants.

Are dogs allowed in Brisbane City Botanic Gardens?

Leave the doggos at your pet-friendly hotel for your trip to Brisbane's Botanic Gardens. Although a no-dog policy isn't strictly enforced at the gardens, bringing a non-assistance dog is strongly discouraged.

How do I pay tolls in Brisbane?

Queensland's toll roads calculate your fees automatically as you drive under a tolling location (so there are no booths to look out for). Queensland locals and frequent visitors can purchase a pass, or set up an account to pay their toll fees. If you're not planning to drive on many toll motorways, the Queensland Government can point you towards options for individual toll payment providers.