Byron Bay

The laid-back town that became larger than life, Byron Bay defies definition. If it’s feel-good vibes you want, look no further.

Byron Bay is the place to be if you want to experience sublime beaches and ocean views that seem to make time stop. Revitalise with a yoga session and re-energise with locally grown organic fare. Art galleries and haute-hippy boutiques flaunt local talent, while musicians from around the world hit the town for annual festivals and often a weeknight gig.

Frequently Asked Questions about Byron Bay

What is Byron Bay named after?

The town of Byron Bay and nearby Cape Byron are named after John Byron, a sailor. Fun fact #1: His nickname was "Foul-weather Jack" due to all the bad storms his ships tended to run into. Fun fact #2: He was a friend of Captain James Cook. Yes, that James Cook.

Where are Byron Bay cookies made?

In Byron Bay, of course! It's sacrilegious to visit Byron Bay without enjoying these famous cookies. Make your way to Byron Bay Cookie Company and get a box of ANZAC biscuits, rosemary & sea salt crispbread and Christine Mansfield salted caramel popcorn.

What is Byron Bay Bluesfest?

This annual music festival has been running strong over Easter weekend since 1990. It's one of the biggest contemporary music festivals in the world, and a must-see (and must-listen!) if you can get your hands on tickets.