Wategos Beach

Swim or stroll at this beach sheltered by the rocky bluff of Cape Byron and you might see dolphins surfing on the offshore swell.

Wategos Beach is a beautifully protected crescent beach that huddles below the most easterly point in mainland Australia. Swim and play in the gentle waves that roll in from the north or explore the grassy foreshore. With scenic picnic facilities, a shady promenade and walking tracks to the top of the spectacular cape, this beach is a great spot to bring the family for a day of fun by the beach.

As you approach Wategos Beach from the foreshore promenade, you’ll be treated to magnificent views of the clear Byron Bay waters reaching a white sandy shore. The tree-covered headlands of Cape Byron tower over the beach’s northern edge. Wander down to the sandy shoreline and pick a spot to lay down your towel. Swim amid the gentle waves and enjoy views of the warm ultramarine waters, which deepen into the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean. If there is a little swell offshore, you might see dolphins frolicking in the rolling waves.

Bring some fresh fish and other picnic items and make use of the sheltered barbecue area, where you can grill your lunch. Spread out your picnic on the tables that line the grassy foreshore under the shade of she-oak trees, or head back down to the soft sand to enjoy your meal.

After your picnic, you’ll be ready to take on the steep stairway that winds up the edge of Cape Byron to the plateau of the bluff. Walk around the mesmerizing Cape Byron Track and see unbeatable views of the surrounding coastline. Don’t miss a visit to the Cape Byron Lighthouse, which has lit the way for passing seafarers since 1901. The lighthouse has a museum on its lower floors and can be toured for a small donation.

Wategos Beach is located 1.9 miles (3 kilometers) northwest of the town of Byron Bay and is part of the Cape Byron State Conservation Area. There is a parking lot parallel to the beach, but entry fees will apply per vehicle parked in the conservation area. There is a public restroom on the foreshore.