Himeji Gardens

Escape the noise and bustling crowds of Adelaide’s city shopping precinct with a picnic at these traditional Japanese gardens.

The Himeji Gardens are one of the most serene and beautiful destinations in Adelaide. Explore the garden on your own or contact the Park Lands Ranger to arrange an informative guided tour to learn the spiritual, natural and historical significance of the Himeji Gardens.

These traditional Japanese gardens were a gift from Adelaide’s sister city, Himeji. Since 1982, the gardens have provided a shady refuge from the busy city streets for the residents of the South Australian capital.

Walk underneath jacaranda trees to the quaint teahouse and the ornamental lake surrounded by water lilies. A traditional Japanese raked zen garden is also located here. Take a moment to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and listen to the gentle trickling of water fountains.

Bring a picnic blanket and stretch out in the large grassy area. Pick up some supplies and fresh local produce from Adelaide’s Central Market, just a short tram ride away.

Take some time to explore the various sections of the park. Himeji Gardens are divided into two traditional areas, known as sensui and kare senzui. The sensui area is a mountain and lake garden and home to a number of fascinating rock formations. Admire the many large goldfish in the pond at the centre of the park. If you are lucky, you might spot a turtle.

The kare senzui is a dry rock garden. Bring your camera to photograph the shapes and lines of the park. Just after its original construction, the gardens’ designer, Yoshitaka Kumada, was brought to Adelaide to ensure that the gardens adhered to the traditional principles of a Japanese garden.

Located on South Terrace, one of Adelaide’s main thoroughfares and the southern border of the CBD, the Himeji Gardens are easy to reach from all areas of the city. There is some metered parking available nearby. Adelaide’s network of trams and buses service the area regularly.

Himeji Gardens are open daily and admission is free. Guided tours are subject to a small fee.

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