Harbour Bridge

Not just a landmark structure in the Waitemata Harbour, this box truss bridge also provides a thrilling experience for climbers and bungee-jumpers.

Admire the design of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge from the city’s chic waterfront precinct or get a closer look by climbing across the steel span on New Zealand’s only bridge climbing tour. For an especially memorable experience of the bridge, muster up the courage to leap from the structure with a mind-blowing bungee jump.

The Harbour Bridge has been Auckland’s major motorway connection between the city and the North Shore since its opening in 1959. Spanning 1,020 metres (3,350 feet) between St Mary’s Bay and Northcote, the eight-lane structure is the second-longest bridge in New Zealand. Despite not having a cycleway or footpath, it’s commonly used as a major transport route in the city. Check out the bridge’s intriguing nine-span box truss design from a café or bar in the Auckland Waterfront, Wynyard Quarter or other destinations around the harbour.

To get a different experience of the Harbour Bridge, sign up for an exhilarating bridge climb and enjoy some of the best views in Waitemata Harbour. Zip up your special climbing suit and embark on the 1.5-hour tour across the bridge, which is lead by an informative guide. Learn about the bridge’s history and engineering. Spot different landmarks in the Auckland skyline and beyond to the surrounding hillsides. Watch ferries coming in to berth at the Auckland Ferry Terminal.

If you’re looking for an extreme adventure, book a ride on the Harbour Bridge bungee jump. This particular bungee-jump spot is significant to the history of the extreme sport in New Zealand. It was first jumped in 1987 by AJ Hackett, the entrepreneur who went on to popularise bungee jumping in the country and open the current bungee-jump site on the bridge. Walk out onto the bungee-jumping pod and take in stunning views before leaping into the harbour. You can try harness, ankle-tie or tandem bungee jumping at this pod.

Harbour Bridge is situated to the northwest of Auckland CBD. The Auckland Bridge Climb and Bungy base is situated in the Westhaven marina on the city side of the bridge. Local buses pass over the bridge, which is a 20-minute walk from the Wynyard Quarter precinct.