The sky’s the limit in Victoria. The little wedge-shaped state on Australia’s southwest is packed chock-full with diverse experiences.

Combine a generous stretch of coastline with farmland and forests. Next, add a smattering of alpine peaks and shimmering lakes. Infuse this landscape with rich Aboriginal heritage, 19th-century grandeur and multicultural influence and you have Victoria’s dynamic diversity. Stylish cities are just the beginning; Victoria is also known for its high-octane sports, pristine landscapes and food fanatics. Whether you’ve got a week or a lifetime, Victoria’s always got something in store.

Frequently Asked Questions about Victoria

What are the best places to scuba dive in Victoria?

Victoria has no shortage of incredible dive spots, but here a few to get you started. Start with Port Phillip Bay, where the waters are filled with some of the most spectacular sea creatures in the Southern Ocean-fur seals and devil fish, anyone? You can also make friends with sea dragons and crayfish at Flinders Pier on the Mornington Peninsula. Oh, and let's not forget the octopus garden under Rye Pier (in the town of Rye). Just mind the tentacles.

How did Victoria get its name?

Way back in 1851-before anyone knew pints and football went hand in hand-an election was held. What was it for? The first Victorian Legislative Council wanted to vote for absolute independence from New South Wales. After the council members traded barbs, they got their wish and a new colony was formed. And since everybody and their mother loved Queen Victoria, they chose Victoria for their name.

What are the best short scenic drives in Victoria?

Start your four-wheeled steed and go for a scenic, roughly half-hour drive through the stunning fern forests of the Black Spur (between the towns of Healesville and Narbethong). There's also the 20-25-minute cruise to the top of Lake Mountain-Top Gear Australia named it the best driving road in the country, so this better be on your list of things to do. And just about any stretch of the 243km Great Ocean Road is bound to be cruise-worthy.