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If you think you need to travel to far-flung, exotic locations to enjoy a tropical paradise, think again. Australia has its own haven of natural beauty: the Queensland coast. Between the jungle-covered Whitsundays, World Heritage Site Daintree National Park and the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, there’s plenty of ecotourism, resort serenity and ocean fun to be had.

But wait, there’s more!Queensland also boasts some of the nation’s largest cities, with Brisbane in particular offering more excitement and culture than you can shake a DSLR camera at. And if you’re looking to explore Australia’s Red Centre, Queensland even has a bit of that.

Ready to start your getaway? Of course you are. With all that this statehas to offer, who could resist our QLD holiday packages?

Stuff to Do

If there’s one thing Queensland has coming out is proverbial ears, it’s excuses to be in the ocean. Snorkel or scuba dive to explore one of the world’s richest and most mysterious underwater “landscapes”. Throw a line in the water to catch jumbo fish, catch glimpses of migrating whales, or say “aw!” while watching nesting sea turtles. And that’s not all. You can also hang ten in one of several world-famous surf destinations, or escape to a romantic tropical island with your one and only.

Still think dryer climes are more your style? No problem. Just head west or south, past farmlands and forests to the red crags, canyons and towns of the interior. And you thought Queensland holidays were all about beaches and rainforests.

Urban Playground

The seat of awesomeness is most certainly Brisbane. The territory’s capital city offers plenty of neighbourhoods to explore, each with their own flair. Check out our Brisbane car rental options and cruise over to the parties of Fortitude Valley, flashy Paddington, or the bohemian coffee shops of the West End. And grub? This place is a foodie haven. Please, save some room for dessert.

When you’re ready to explore other cities with our Queensland holiday packages, explore the glimmering skyscrapers of Gold Coast or night markets of Cairns. Mackay boasts Art Deco architecture, while Townsville offers all flavours of the nearby food and wine country.

Where to Visit

With so many items to check off your bucket list, where can you begin QLD holidays? Our advice is start with the Great Barrier Reef and the waves of the Gold Coast. Take a break from it all by going on your own walkabout in Munga-Thirri National Park or Currawinya National Park. Miss the ocean already? Then head north to the Sunshine Coast and the dreamy Whitsundays Islands.

Now all you have to do is start booking. Check out Wotif’sQueensland holiday deals. They’re a quick, easy way to get the ball rolling—without letting that ball run over your savings account, Indiana Jones-style. Don’t have time to see the entire stateon your getaway? Just book one of our Brisbane holidays and start there. You can always come back for more next time!

Guide to Exploring Queensland


Brisbane is a record-breaking kind of place, although you might never guess from its laid-back attitude. It’s the home of the first man to fly across the Pacific, Australia’s largest town hall, and its first dedicated entertainment district.

Yes, this city has pioneered many important things (hey, nightlife is just as important as the technology to fly across the sky at breakneck speeds). And when it comes to package holidays in Brisbane, well, they’ve aced that test, too. You’ll soon see for yourself, because irresistible Brisbane is in your future.

Surfers Paradise

For beach-lovers, getaways to the capital of the Gold Coast are worth their weight in, well, gold. As one of the best places to hang ten in Australia, Surfers Paradise really earns its name. This place is incredibly laid-back, so don’t let any of those high-rises sparkling in the sun fool you. With 52km of golden beaches and just 300 sunny days to enjoy them each year, there simply isn’t time to waste rushing around. So stroll through shops, restaurants, bars and clubs. Take a dip in the ocean. Get baked (by the sun, that is) on the sand. Whatever’s clever.

Noosa Heads

Are you looking to get out of town for…how should we say it…forever? Well, maybe not forever, but for at least a week or two on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast? You should, because Wotif’s deals on Noosa Heads holiday packages are hotter than ever.

Haven’t you ever wanted to hang ten down a wall of water so clear you can see every fish? And haven’t you ever wanted to enjoy a picnic in Noosa National Park while cute koalas lounge in the trees above? What about going for an exhilarating hike in the Glasshouse Mountains? Whatever it is you’ve dreamt of doing along this stretch of coast is in your hands. We don’t care what you decide to do—we just want you to get off your arse and enjoy holidays to Noosa Heads.

Palm Cove

The city of Cairns has a handful of beach towns nearby that are great for spending a well-deserved holiday at. Although we don’t necessarily suggest going there just to swim—the saltwater crocodile population has frickin’ skyrocketed in recent years—Palm Cove is fantastic: you can soak up vitamin D on the beach, climb a coconut palm, and go for a walk along the water’s edge. Just don’t actually go in, because there might be micro stingers waiting for you.

Ready to soak up some sun? Browse Wotif’s spectacular offers on Palm Cove holiday packages and begin planning your dream getaway today.


Just because a town has the word “cool” in it doesn’t actually mean it really is cool, right? There’s no way it could be lined with picture-perfect beaches. There’s no way it could have happening bars full of lively locals who want to buy you a schooner or two. There’s no way a place like that exists. It’s all rubbish!

Oh, how wrong the above statement is, because Coolangatta on Australia’s Gold Coast is just that. The waves from Snapper Rocks to Kirra are world-class. The bars along The Patch seem to never stop raging. So yeah, we think it’s about time you book one of Wotif’s Coolangatta holiday packages and see it for yourself.


If your life has been lacking some rays of sunshine, you need a trip to a place with “sunshine” in its very title. The Sunshine Coast lives up to its name, with warm, crystal-clear waters and near-constant cloudless days. The beaches are calm and swimmable, and there are adventures to be found on both land and sea.

Also, you might see aliens! There are rumours of alien activity in the nearby Glass House Mountains. Yes, the Sunshine Coast really has it all, and holidays to Mooloolaba, with its award-winning beach, will put you right in the middle of the action.


Noosaville is the sophisticated cousin of family-friendly Mooloolaba and cosmopolitan Maroochydore. Being the Sunshine Coast’s northernmost town gives it a secluded feel, which is helped along by all the parks and forests that surround it. While there are beaches here (itis still the Sunshine Coast, after all), Noosaville holiday packages are especially popular with those outdoorsy types—or at least those who fancy themselves to be.

This isn’t a place where camping is required, though. In fact, when you’re not out on the trails, you’ll be browsing upscale boutiques and eating gourmet meals. Like an earthy red wine or Hugh Jackman in a suit, Noosaville is both rugged and fancy, and is sure to impress.

Hastings Street

Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, thanks to its pristine, swimmable beaches and near-perfect weather. There’s a town here for everyone, whether you’re taking the whole family to Mooloolaba or want to party down in Maroochydore for a weekend. Up in Noosa Heads, outdoor adventures topped off with relaxing spa treatments and glittering shopping avenues reign supreme.

But you, traveller, already knew all that. You’ve narrowed down your search even further, having already chosen the luxurious-yet-adventurous Noosa Heads as your next getaway. Now, you’re investigating Hastings Street package deals—so you can be right where all the action is.

Mount Tamborine

You might expect a spot called “Mount Tamborine” to attract a lot of folk singers. And maybe it does—if those folk singers also crave epic views of the Gold Coast and the Pacific Ocean from a height of 578 metres, that is. Even then they’d be in for a surprise, because despite its name and elevation, Mount Tamborine is actually a plateau in the lush Gold Coast hinterland.

If you’re visiting the Gold Coast or Brisbane, Tamborine Mountain makes a fabulous day trip. If you can’t wait to explore wild jungles that look like somewhere dinosaurs might still roam, then Mount Tamborine and the Gold Coast hinterland is a destination that stands on its own foothills. Either way, our Mount Tamborine holiday packages can help you get here in style. Pack your hiking boots and remember: Tyrannosaurus Rex can’t see you if you stand still!

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