Rolling down a grassy hill inside a giant inflatable ball is one of the most unusual and most entertaining ways to pass your time in Rotorua.

Strap in and close your eyes for an exhilarating ride inside a giant inflatable ball at Zorb Rotorua. Bring friends and family to help you navigate down a winding course as you spin or splash around in warm water inside your ball.

One of the original zorb parks in New Zealand, Zorb Rotorua is a must-visit for some heart-pumping fun. Choose between three separate courses and three different ways to ride down them or, if you’re feeling brave, try more than one.

The classic ride here is the Zydro experience, during which water is added to the inside of your zorb ball. Go it alone or team up with a friend to enjoy the thrill of rolling down a hill together. With waves of warm water washing around you, slip and slide your way along the straight track, the zigzag route or even the steep 250-metre (820-foot) extreme run. Have your family or friends cheer on from the sidelines for encouragement.

True thrill-seekers will love the downhill zorb surfing experience. Imagine you are riding on smooth ocean breakers while speeding down the track. For a drier but equally great time, opt for the original Zorbit experience. For this, participants are strapped securely into a harness inside the ball and are sent tumbling down a grassy hill. With upside-down spins and bounces, the sensation is not unlike that of a roller coaster ride.

Zorb Rotorua is about 15 minutes’ drive north of the town centre. Book your zorb experience online, over the phone or upon arrival. Different rates apply to different courses. The minimum age for the Zorbit is 10 while the Zydro and Zurf rides are restricted to those age 6 and over.