Queenstown Adventure

You don't just visit Queenstown; you conquer it. Often called the adventure capital of New Zealand-and sometimes the adventure capital of the world-Queenstown offers an epic lineup of activities designed to get your adrenaline pumping.

Looking for things to do in Queenstown? You won't be disappointed. Queenstown is home to countless activities for every adventurer. If you're looking for some light hiking, mountain biking or kayaking, you'll find it here. But if you really want to test your limits, take on high-speed jet boating, skydiving and bungy jumping. Hey, commercialized bungy jumping was invented here, after all.

Here, get out and challenge your limits no matter where you set them. Maybe on your next trip you'll go even further.

We've put together a handy guide to planning a trip that's packed with adventure. Read on for some of the most iconic adventures in Queenstown.

Image: Tourism Media

Water Adventures

  • Jet boating is popular in the region! Unleash your inner speed demon and marvel at the jaw-dropping scenery on Lake Wakatipu, Kawarau River, The Dart River and in Skippers Canyon.
  • If you love thrills, pristine waters and amazing scenery, take a shot at riverboarding. Ride through the rapids and whirlpools or surf on standing waves!
  • For an action-packed adventure, go whitewater rafting on the iconic Shotover River. These fast-flowing rapids are sure to set your heart racing.

Image: Tourism Media

Land Adventures

  • Listen up, adrenaline junkies! Queenstown is a world-famous skydiving and bungy jumping destination. With all sorts of qualified providers here, daredevils flock from around the world to take the leap.
  • If you'd like more time to admire the view, try paragliding. On this high-flying adventure, you'll free float above Queenstown's awe-inspiring scenery.
  • In the summer months, try mountain carting at Cardrona Alpine Resort. Fly down the hill in these thrilling three-wheeled carts.

Image: Tourism Media

Slow and Easy Adventures

  • Not all adventure activities in Queenstown happen at high speeds. Lots of low-key water activities are available, too.
  • Admire the mountain scenery with a leisurely kayak on Lake Wakatipu. Or pack a picnic and set out on a day hike. Queenstown Hill has a lovely and accessible walking trail.
  • A fun way to explore Queenstown is by bike. Rabbit Ridge Bike Resort has 40km of well-maintained bike trails that suit riders of all abilities.

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