Kawarau Suspension Bridge

Bungee jump at the sport’s birthplace, a historic suspension bridge that spans the beautiful Kawarau River.

Once the only bridge to cross the great Kawarau River, today the Kawarau Suspension Bridge is more well-known as the site of the first commercial bungee jumping operation in the world. Since 1988 the bridge has been the full-time site of one of the most scenic bungee jumping experiences on earth and one of the main attractions on New Zealand’s South Island.

Take the 141-foot (43-meter) plunge from the bungee platform at the bridge’s center and experience the rush of free-falling towards the swirling waters below. Experienced staff will assist you through the process and can help first-time jumpers to conquer their fears. Jump with a friend or loved one to share the experience, as tandem jumps are also offered.

To ensure you never forget your jump, the Kawarau Bungee Centre is fitted with an advanced series of video and still cameras. Pull a face for the cameras surrounding you as you free-fall from the bridge. The cameras are positioned strategically ensuring every angle of every expression is captured. Purchase your photos and DVD from the Bungee Centre afterwards for your permanent memento.

Watch as others make the jump from the viewing platform. From here you’ll have the perfect spot to see the hilarious faces pulled by jumpers as they fall from the bridge, as well as a great view down the Kawarau River. An on-site café serves snacks, drinks and lunch. Learn about the history of bungee jumping and its origins in New Zealand at the Bungee Museum attached to the center.

The Kawarau Suspension Bridge is located approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Queenstown and can be reached on State Highway Six. There are a number of bus services that depart from the Station Building in Queenstown, however these take longer to reach the bridge. Parking is ample and the bridge can be accessed daily. A fee applies for jumpers, however, it’s free to be a spectator