Crown Street Mall

Wollongong’s pedestrianized main street is a shopping, dining and entertainment hub where you can join community events and festivities, or shop for a new look.

Check out the range of retailers situated along Crown Street Mall or take a seat on a park bench and experience the hum of the city. The pedestrianized mall is Wollongong’s premier destination to meet with friends or find out about the latest trends. Grab a meal, pick out a new outfit and discover an exciting local event in the heart of Wollongong.

Crown Street Mall extends along Wollongong’s original main street, which dates back to when the city was a fledgling settlement alongside a cattle run. Today, the arterial street contains the city’s central shopping district. At the mall’s western end you’ll find the multilevel shopping precinct Wollongong Central and its wide range of clothing retailers and specialty stores. Spend some time perusing the stores and window-shopping.

Pass over the busy intersection of Crown Street and begin exploring the pedestrianized middle section of Crown Street Mall. With its broad, paved pathways and arcades of leafy trees, this area is a great spot to sit and take in the city’s buzzing atmosphere. Find a seat by the pretty garden beds or buy a coffee at one of the cafés with outdoor seating. This section of the mall is covered, so you can enjoy the city sights whatever the weather.

You might visit Crown Street Mall during one of the precinct’s exciting community events. Watch street performers entertain crowds with their routines or take part in a local event. On Thursdays in the warmer months, Crown Street Mall hosts a multicultural food festival called Eat Street, where you can tickle your taste buds with flavor sensations from all over the world. Find out about the creations of local artisans at the Friday markets, which features regional produce and crafts.

Crown Street Mall is located in the heart of Wollongong’s downtown area. It is easily accessible by bus and on foot. Reach the mall within 10 minutes’ walk from from the city’s railway station. There are parking lots available on adjacent streets. Visit the mall at any time of day for free.