Albert Park

Visit central Auckland’s most attractive park and find stunning floral displays, heritage statues and several great picnic spots. 

Find a park bench or a quiet place on the grass in Albert Park and enjoy spending some time in one of Auckland’s most attractive outdoor spaces. Watch students from the surrounding university relaxing between lectures and office workers as they hurry through on their lunch break. Take a stroll around the paths to see the many interesting statues as well as some heritage buildings and beautiful old trees.

Albert Park dates back to Victorian times and the gardens are still largely laid out in a typically Victorian style. Many of the park’s major monuments also date back to this time, giving this popular park a classical feel.

Visit the fountain in the center of the park. This is the oldest monument and dates back to 1881. In its early years it was kept full of carp. Close by you’ll see the large statue of Queen Victoria. This is the oldest statue of Queen Victoria in New Zealand and was unveiled to mark the 16th year of her reign in 1899. Other monuments of interest include the Victorian bandstand and the Boer War Memorial.

Albert Park has one of the most attractive floral displays in Auckland, including a large floral clock. Make your way toward the lower side of the park to see the impressive trunks of the old magnolia trees. Nearby, visit the museum located in an original park keeper’s cottage, which displays historical tools and other items relevant to the area’s history.

Albert Park’s central location makes it a popular place for festivals and events. The biggest festival of the year is the Lantern Festival held at Chinese New Year. Come along to see the park lit up with thousands of colorful lanterns. Listen to live music and try traditional Chinese dishes from the many food carts.

Albert Park is located just north of Auckland city center with entrances on Wellesley Street, Kitchener Street, Princes Street and Bowen Avenue. It is free to enter and has 24-hour access. The park is a short walk from many of Auckland’s main attractions.