Wollongong Harbour

Wander to the edge of the scenic breakwater or take in the views of Wollongong’s two lighthouses from a waterfront café at this historic destination.

With its rocky breakwater, sandy beaches and fantastic waterfront views, Wollongong Harbour is the perfect spot to experience the city’s signature coastal charm. Look out across the sheltered harbor to see yachts moored in the glassy waters or check out the grassy headlands of Flagstaff Hill. The harbor separates Wollongong’s North Beach and South Beach. Stroll along the sandy harbor shores and admire the historic 19th-century lighthouse set against a backdrop of pristine ocean waters.

On the harbor’s eastern side, you’ll find a small port dotted with yachts. Sign up for a fishing charter or a sightseeing boat trip with the harborside operators. Walk along the edge of the eastern seawall to get a closer look at the Wollongong Breakwater Lighthouse. Completed in 1872, this beautifully restored lighthouse has attractive triangular windows and overlooks the mouth of the harbor. Look back toward the city from the lighthouse and take in the views of the waterfront buildings and the tall pine trees that line the foreshore.

Lying within the harbor is a sandy beach with a grassy foreshore. Known as Belmore, this sheltered beach is a great spot to bring children for a swim on a sunny day. Kids will enjoy exploring the rocks on the western edge of the harbor shores. Stroll around the western arm of the breakwater to see a collection of smaller yachts and catamarans. The Wollongong City Continental Pool is nestled in the rocky outcrop on the other side of the breakwater.

If you are feeling hungry, take advantage of the selection of cafés and restaurants located along the harbor’s waterfront Order a drink at the café situated on the edge of the port or pack a picnic to enjoy on Belmore’s grassy foreshore.

Wollongong Harbour is located on the city’s northeastern seashore. It is a 30-minute walk or a 10-minute drive from the city center. There are several bus stops along the esplanade. Parking is available at the port and at Flagstaff Hill Park. Wollongong Harbour is free to visit at any time of day.