Coffs Harbour

With uncrowded beaches on the front doorstep and World Heritage-listed rainforest in the backyard, Coffs Harbour has location perfected.

Whatever time you’ve put aside for this coastal city, double it. Kick back on sweeping beaches and count your neighbours on one hand. Experience local wildlife in the nature reserves or spot critters in the dappled light of the rainforest. It’s a bit kitschy, but when you visit Coffs Harbour, you should also see the Big Banana, one of the country’s best Big Things.

Frequently Asked Questions about Coffs Harbour

What can we do in Coffs Harbour with kids?

Coffs Harbour is a very kid-friendly destination, so there's loads to do with the younger members of your family! Coffs Harbour Butterfly House is a cool spot to encounter colourful winged creatures in a tropical habitat. Stop and spend a day on the waterslides and theme park rides. While away some holiday hours lazing about on Coffs Harbour Beach. And, we couldn't go on without mentioning the Big Banana (it's kind of hard to miss).

Where can I fish in Coffs Harbour?

Aside from some closures on perch fishing in May through August, you can fish in all the public waters in and around Coffs Harbour, including Nambucca River. You do need to pay a recreational fishing fee before catching your dinner, though.