Bugis Street Shopping District

The largest shopping district in Singapore has over 800 stores and transforms into a bustling night market as the sun goes down.

Known around Asia as a destination for bargain hunters and shoppers, Bugis Street is the largest shopping district in Singapore. A redevelopment in the 1980s transformed the area from a notorious after-hours destination into a thriving marketplace, with over 800 shops. Bugis Street is a destination the whole family can enjoy, with stores ranging from high-end fashion to literature and music, and plenty of food in between.

Allow a couple of hours at least to wander the cobbled streets and alleys that make up the district. The ground floor stores offer mainly cheap souvenirs aimed at tourists, while the upper floors offer authentic bargains and a wide range of wares. Buy designer labels, traditional art or choose from a wide range of books, DVDs and CDs. This is where the locals come to shop, making it a great place to pick up items without the inflated tourist prices that are more common downstairs.

Join the crowds at night to witness Bugis Street’s lively night market. As darkness descends, the street becomes crowded with vendors pushing carts selling cheap street food, collectibles and handmade wares. While this is a very different experience to Bugis Street by day, it’s a great opportunity to soak up the local culture and try some delicious local delicacies. Grab one of the dozens of varieties of juices or try big bowls of laksa or braised duck, two of the local specialties.

The Bugis Street Shopping District is located in the downtown area of Singapore and can be easily reached on foot from many downtown hotels. Visitors arriving by car will find street parking in the streets surrounding Bugis Street, while those traveling on public transportation can reach Bugis Street by bus. Bugis Street is open daily although there are no uniform times for stores.