St. Faith's Anglican Church

At the heart of the traditional Māori village of Ohinemutu you’ll discover a small wooden church adorned with intricate carvings.

Over a century old, the historic St. Faith’s Anglican Church is one of the oldest religious structures in the Rotorua area and offers great insight into local Māori culture. This wooden church was completed in 1914 and remains active to this date. Visit during the week to see its intricate carvings, woven panels and stained-glass windows. Arrive early on a Sunday to join local residents in a bilingual Biblical reading.

Set against the backdrop of the stunning Lake Rotorua, this church is a beautiful sight. Bring your camera to capture the stark white walls rimmed by bright red trimming with the bright blue lake glistening behind it. Walk around the church to see its detailed Māori carvings. A series of tukutuku, traditional woven panels, is a highlight of the church. Admire the large stained-glass windows from the inside as the light floods into the nave. Look for the depiction of Christ wearing a traditional Māori cloak for a unique perspective on traditional Biblical imagery.

Join locals on Sunday mornings for an inspiring church service. Biblical readings are delivered in both English and the local Māori language and are stirring experiences for people of any faith. Afterwards, explore the church grounds to discover the final resting place of many notable community leaders. Walk to the water’s edge where black swans float lazily across the lake. Look for swirls of steam rising off the water, which is heated by the geothermic activity of the area.

St. Faith’s Anglican Church is located at the heart of the Māori village of Ohinemutu, just a 15-minute stroll from downtown Rotorua. Reach the church on foot or find parking in the area. Local bus lines also service the village. The church is open daily and is free of charge; however, donations are accepted at the door.